Site Upgrade

We have completed the first stage of our site migration from the old system to our new system.

Most of the site will function exactly as it did before, with some minor changes.

The biggest addition is the support for a number of popular addons for both World of Warcraft, and Wildstar.

At this time users can link characters, accumulate points, and claim tickets. However we will not be running a raffle for one to two weeks as we update portions of that system.

For those of you whom had uploaded a custom avatar, or had selected a WoW character as your avatar, I apologize but you will be required to re-upload those avatars, or select a toon as your avatar, as I was not able to salvage that data.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties, or have any comments in general.


Known bugs / todo:

  • Redirects fail for users whom block HTTP_REFERER from being sent in the header.
  • Breadcrumbs would improve navigation
  • Some realm names have wierd characters in their name
  • Forum search missing
  • Documentation for which in game activities provide DKP / raffles points.
  • Addon management section

Please let me know if you have suggestiosn / notice problems so I can add them to the list.

Hi, My Character Hesiod US-Khadgar Horde monk.. Shows being 89 still and has hit 90 some time ago... If there is any way to update it.. Thanks! I know it's not a great importance.. Just if someone can look at it... Thank you

Everything looks great! I'm already downloading addons from the site.

Shows being 89 still and has hit 90 some time ago...

When you use the "check score" function on the raffle tabe in your profile, it should update your characters level. If this does not work please let me know. However I will look into the issue aswell in the mean time.


Your CSS is horribly broken on the new site layout and everything is crashing into each other on your forum layout.

Looks like it was a cache issue and new files not forcing a css overwrite. I cleared my cache and it is working ok now.

Agree with JB, site is looking good!

files not forcing a css overwrite

It should now force re download of the css.

Thanks Jen!

I noticed an error while checking raffle ticket score and uploading an icon:
[removed screenshot link]

Both functions do what they're supposed to even though that error page shows. Other than that, everything is looking great so far!

Edit: Also popped up while posting this reply.

Hey Kan,

Sorry about that!

What browser are you running / version? Is it internet explorer?

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