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No worries, could be an issue on my end. I'm running Firefox 31.0.

I also use Firefox 31.0

Are you by any chance running a adblock, or other script which would try to anonymize you? Whats essentially happening is im not able to get your HTTP_REFERER from the header, so the redirect craps out :(. I need to develop a work around, but still interested as to why im not able to access that field.

Ah yep, that's the issue! HTTP_REFERER being sent out is blocked by default for all sites for my browser.

AHA! lol.

ok, well ill work out a fallback for such situations, but using the HTTP_REFERER is the best option, so the experience may not be optimal.

The biggest addition is the support for a number of popular addons for both World of Warcraft, and Wildstar.

Myself and many others didn't give permission to rehost our works. Many of the AddOns you've scraped from other sites are All Rights Reserved - this includes the right to distribute.

Torhol, please contact us via one of the methods listed here: with any concerns.

Yeah, no. That isn't how this works; this isn't an opt-out thing. My stuff, my copyright - I get to choose where to host. I shouldn't have to chase down every site that decides they don't need my permission and ask them to undo what they shouldn't have done to begin with.

You were able to scrape everything, including the licenses. I hope you're aware of what All Rights Reserved means.

Can you please elaborate on which addons you may have authored? From what I can see, those addons which may be yours, are licensed: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

wow addons are to be freely accessible as per the addon policy.

also, we make no modifications to the addons, just passing them along so the users are not forced to go to one site or into one tool (c.client)

why do you want one site to redistribute your free addon?

Everything having to do with Ackis Recipe List. You're right abot _NPCScan, but situations like this is why I no longer use permissive licensing. You should probably do some research into WoWMatrix and World of AddOns to see example of the fallout you're facing with this move.

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