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2) Add-on code must be completely visible.
The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public.

This means exactly what it says, and in no way violates copyright. This also isn't about "one site to redistribute" my stuff: I host on both Curse and WoWInterface. Neither one pulled anything like this, and if they had, I wouldn't be hosting there. This is why WoWMatrix only has GPL-licensed AddOns, any Ten Ton Hammer's World of AddOns failed after two months: The authors didn't stand for the lack of courtesy and the copyright infringement these services actively practiced.

free addons requiring free access are being made freely available to the public with no claims to ownership and no modifications.

if you have a problem with that... then you should have a problem with every host relaying a file without permission... including those servers in the 10-20 hops from the originating site.

but you didn't answer the question. why do you want only one site to redistribute your free addon?

i'm trying to understand what the copyright infringement would be for a free addon. why would hosting it on one site over another matter as long as the site serves the users needs.

*edit: and the file is unmodified, insuring integrity of product

They're COPYRIGHTED free AddOns. And I said I host with two sites; both because they have active and healthy communities and open discourse with their content providers. If your site had advertised its opening as a host and demonstrated goodwill, I may have hosted here as well.

You can't scan books and slap 'em up on web sites because they're plaintext, and not compiled into binary. Not legally, unless their copyright has expired. Mine has not.

there are thousands of addons. it'd be impracitcal to try and contact everyone. our intention is give an alternative file share location to curse. that 'community' isn't very open at all, especially since they shutdown their forums

It's impractical? How about impolite? As I said before, I shouldn't have to chase down every site that's gotten it into their head that they don't need to get my permission to host my All Rights Reserved (which includes the right to distribute) material. Also, out of the thousands of AddOns, you managed to pick 123. You also managed to write a scraper to glean all the information you could from Curse, which includes the license. Said scraper could have checked to see if that license was "All Rights Reserved" and simply skipped it.

Hello tiny. I'm the author of the Wildstar addon WillYouBeMyNeighbor, and also a long-time customer of yours. I have several licenses for keyclone, and a license for oFollow. My addon is published on Curse and is licensed All Rights Reserved. I have only uploaded my addon to and have not authorized for it to be posted elsewhere. Can it please be removed? I would be open to a conversation about hosting my addon on your site, but not without my permission and not if the hosting does not meet my expectations.

i can see the point with a scanned book, as they are commercial products and cost money to obtain. free addons are not commercial by definition and are required to be freely accessible to the public. restricting access by placing it within the walled-but-gate-open-at-the-moment-if-you-take-it-slow garden isn't exactly the same

Blizzard has no control over my personally-produced material. They cannot, by law, mandate that I give up my copyright. You should probably read this so you can understand just how wrong you are.

If that doesn't do it for you, use Google and do some research. Your "commercial" argument isn't just fallacy; it's illegal.

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