Thank you! working after redownload :0)

keyclone's license is known as a 'forever book model' meaning, you have the license forever (or until boxing/windows is no longer viable) but you can only use it on one machine at a time.

OHHH tyvm for that bit of info.! I was wondering why I needed to pay again for another keyclone...makes sense...It has been awhile since I have messed with keyclone (ONE THING THAT I AM HAVING ISSUES WITH ON MY 3 VID 2 COMP. SET UP WITH KEYCLONE) is the auto-connect from my second comp. to my main comp.. I have the auto-connect set but on the status screen of the main keyclone window. When you right click on the 2nd comp. connected it says RUN...and at the top it says Clone Command......what do I need to type for clone command or do you even need too?

Apparently we can't get any kind of help on any questions...all I see is forums about questions......with NO reply back...I somehow ended up having to pay for a second keyclone liscense....but I already had one(says it's one time payment for lifetime). Am I missing something too?