Hello i bought keyclone the paywent went threw and i still have yet to get a license for this product how long does it take because it says with in minutes

Apparently we can't get any kind of help on any questions...all I see is forums about questions......with NO reply back...I somehow ended up having to pay for a second keyclone liscense....but I already had one(says it's one time payment for lifetime). Am I missing something too?

sorry, i've been real busy working on the next project. pretty much from when i wake up until i fall down.

in general, keyclone licenses activate immediately upon confirmation from paypal of a completed transaction. you don't have to enter any license numbers or anything. just restart your keyclone and it'll activate. if you get a new machine, new hardware, or reinstall the OS, then you'll need to transfer the license to the new system-id. to do this, you just install keyclone on the box, run it, and when you see the 'expired' message, click the 'transfer' button. enter the email address associated with your license and if successful, a link will be sent immediately. if it's not successful, that's because no license is found associated with the email address (did you use another?). the link should arrived within 30 seconds. if not, please check your spam, junk or trash folders. once you open it, click the link, select your old system-id, hit 'transfer' on the page, and then restart your keyclone. that's it.

if you're still stuck and need help, you can try the vent or giving me a call. you can find the info under 'contact us' on the gaming side.

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