yea, i had to go over my armory on numerous alts. and collect all the info needed than pasted whatever i could find where to paste in oqueue.lua

cant oq collect than form armory on its own?

Some of the people lied. post to blizzard plz
this feature need an update... to show only those premades that fall under specific category PVP > RBG > ... (useing all curently avaliable filters)

mikepwnes google ownedcore

One. untick "Use class portraits" (second one)

Two. i thought bizzard removed this ... gonna check soon

Three. write transmog in premade name when lead, write transmog in filter line when looking for group

RBG with skype friends? Skype MESH ?????
check if you were caped ;) ?

also i dont belive pve gives you alot of ticket %'s
"noob inclusion policies" +1

"could petition for them" to let oqueue team do the group finder for blizzard, but unlikely

than again "Due to the outrage from the oQueue community" we could still try

i agree to everyone here that, anything they make in game would be garbage, cus of "noob inclusion policies"

Anyway it was a nice time of our lives, and i wish you all good luck and see you all soon when blizzard fucks up yet another time....
your achievements are permanent tho.... rite?
your control key might be stuck :))))))))

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