ok.. this 10-19 week raffle, I've been waiting bout 7 months for has yet to happen... & the comment I made bout a month ago bout this site being dead without Oque has yet to be addressed by staff so this has lead me to the conclustion that I'm correct. I'm dune logging in.. sad I was liking the raffles but they obviously not happening any more.

Sadly it seems without the traffic that was created from those using Oqueue, that the raffles r now just dead :(

site not secure any more?

My browser is warning me that this site is no longer secure. Is this known about? Planned, or gonna be fixed?

I have to say I actually miss it saying who won the raffle.

I just started gathering tickets a few days ago. I already have all of the mounts & pets from the store, I buy them for game gold from a few friends I have in game. but I'm really instristed in the hardware & "what nots" so I'll be saving my tickets for thoses. just wanted to post to show my support of the raffles since I do not have any tickets in the current raffles