site not secure any more?

My browser is warning me that this site is no longer secure. Is this known about? Planned, or gonna be fixed?

the SSL cert issued by the ISP was only for 1 year. i'm waiting on commodo for the update

Hi Pawwolf,

Were in the process of renewing our certificate:



Ah, hellfire!

Interpol is sure to find me now...

*disappears into the depths of Cleft of Shadows*

wait.. there's a blog for the site too? why is it not linked in the menu above?

edit: oh.. nvm.. foot met mouth.... i'm so used to accessing the site via bookmarks that i don't even notice the front page anymore. :)

edit2: on the other hand... it could be useful if a preview of the most recent blog post would appear on the right side in the sidebar on all forum pages. That way we can see the news faster.

I imagine if you overlooked the posts on the homepage, many others are as well. I may need to add it to the navigation.

Santa brought us a shiny new SSL Cert so everyone should be all set to continue browsing with HTTPS.

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