Thanks, Tiny!

Lowest ILVL bug

I was in "Garrosh rush" raid today, and when i joined I noticed, that there was a low lvl player with us (looks like he was boosted).

When joining OQueue group i checked min ilvl of the raid members and it was 559


I checked a rogue in raid and he was 498. Then i checked premade tab in OQueue window and the rogue was not there.


How is that possible?

Well, it was easy. I should have been looking for english name of my realm :)
Tried to claim my character on a russian realm, but i can't find "ÐзурегоÑ" in the realm list. What do I do wrong?

Oh, i see now, russian letters seems to miss in the encoding used on site. May be there is some other way?

Like this one, for example:
language filter using

Just as a suggestion, may be there could be some defauld language settings? You can put by default realm language and a player would change it to the language he uses. Because there are ppl that forget to put correct language or don't know about that option.
Languages filtering is a great option! Thanks for that. The problem is leaders don't always put their language flag when create a raid.

Once i joined a raid and it was full of french ppl, i didn't understand a word and they didn't understand me, so finaly I left adding the RL to my OQueue ignore list. Now i always check if RL is not from some french realm before queuing.

So my suggestion is the following: it would be great if we could filter the entire battle group.