Use your WoW Character as your avatar!

We have recently integrated support for the WoW armory here on

Please feel free to link your WoW characters by going to your characters page and pressing "New Character".

If you so choose, once you have claimed a character you can set that character as your site avatar by clicking the "use as avatar" link on any of your linked characters.

We have many great features planned in relation to your in game activity and hope you all feel obliged to take part!


Great feature! I did it with my my characters and it was super easy. It's a really nice way to personalize. ~ Jen
Tried to cliam one of my characters but I keep getting the same error from your site. After I follow the instruction and hit "verify" I then get a screen that reads "Column 'class_id' cannot be null". Can you help with this issue. I am running 1.8.8 c
Sorry Daethword,

You should be able to do so now. There was a typo error, I have fixed it.
Noticed something when I uploaded my character from the Armory. Your view does not see transmogs. I have transmogged away my helm and shoulders but they appear here.
Tried to claim my character on a russian realm, but i can't find "ÐзурегоÑ" in the realm list. What do I do wrong?

Oh, i see now, russian letters seems to miss in the encoding used on site. May be there is some other way?

Well, it was easy. I should have been looking for english name of my realm :)
meet bua, orc rogue
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