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I need an option to filter languages properly. Specificly I want to exclude french. Yes, this is racist. I've had it with these arrogant snobs that suddely don't understand a word of english, when a second frenchman joins the group.

Give me all the russians, they at least try to communicate, and they play well.
Right click any of the language options to exclude that language.

Right click the french flag and all french groups will be filtered out. You can do this for voice options too.
right-clicking any of the options on the filter pull downs will exclude those groups it covers from appearing in the list
Languages filtering is a great option! Thanks for that. The problem is leaders don't always put their language flag when create a raid.

Once i joined a raid and it was full of french ppl, i didn't understand a word and they didn't understand me, so finaly I left adding the RL to my OQueue ignore list. Now i always check if RL is not from some french realm before queuing.

So my suggestion is the following: it would be great if we could filter the entire battle group.
battlegroups aren't really indicative of any particular language sub group.

to be honest, the proper solution would be for the RL to set the language. setting it to EU for a more language-neutral group.
Just as a suggestion, may be there could be some defauld language settings? You can put by default realm language and a player would change it to the language he uses. Because there are ppl that forget to put correct language or don't know about that option.

Like this one, for example:
language filter using

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