If this also opened all mail it'd be > than Postal for me

That's pretty much it add an open all feature to the mailbox & I couldn't ask for me :-)
oh uhh.. another thing I was wondering was lately OQ keeps joining it's general chat despite me disabling that..

Which is okay even if it does join it.. I just have 1 problem..

That it insists on joining as channel 1..

Messes with my others so General isn't 1.. Trade isn't 2 & Local Defense isn't 3.. which kinda kills me..

Is there something I can do about that ?


3. afaik, tapatalk is outside of game and there is no blizz approved way to get real-time data out of game
Well so right it's actually for mobile phones to use the forum via Tapatalk..

It's just another way for people to participate on the forums in a big way..

Has nothing to do with the addon.. just the forum specifically..


Thanks for all the time you've taken thus far too ;-)
Also.. aaaalso !

Themes would be amazing.. in game themes for the browser :-)
oh hey man one other thing you didn't answer..

would you consider adding the ability.. totally a toggle ability check or uncheck..

Sort Premades Alphabetically

I want to sort by the name of the Premade furthest to the left specifically.. that's the only thing that needs to be considered..

Those with numbers start at the top.. then A - Z

Would make things so helpful.. since I look for Firelands a lot.. neeeeeeeed that Pureblood :-)
2 other things friends :-)

Could you.. well obviously you could.. would you consider making a tab for Contracts for those of us who do not want them announced.. or even if people do.. just going to check if I feel like one..

I realize the contract time is limited.. hard to just peruse on demand because there won't be many.. not a problem.. when I'm in the mood though it would be nice to check a tab to see :-)

So as far as Tapatalk is concerned.. answer me this 1 thing & I swear I'll never mention it again..

Has it been considered & definitely shot down so no it is never happening forget about it ? Or is it going to happen eventually ?


Does this also.. or would you consider letting it Open All ?

This would be my mail mod of choice if it blew Postal out of the water :-)
well truthfully maybe I'm doing it worse than I could be..

I usually filter by .. raid is what I do often ;-) so got that..

then the spyglass ? what ?

I usually just click wait list from the Find Premade tab..

OH OH OH hey man you know what else I'd reeeeaaally love.. sort the list alphabetically..

I know some people wouldn't.. a box to check on or off in Settings ? :-)

Bummer about the font size.. I understand though isn't as simple as I'd like it to be.. I'd really like that though if it were a possibility in the future..

What about in game oQueue chat could that be a thing ? Like within the oQueue window specifically add another tab that says Chat..

I'm just goin' off about everything on my mind now no disrespect at all absolutely love your addon ;-)

And last thing I swear.. how you feeling about https://tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php

Can't tell you how much I'd like that.. I'm on my Android phone all the time.. & no way I'm the only one ;-)

2 suggestions :-)

Hey hey friends.. I notice there's some help for color blind people & that's pretty rad..

Would you also consider adding font size changes.. I'm not 18 anymore I'd like some larger font ;-)

Aaaalso when viewing the list of premades at times it's hard to click on one since they keep moving around as the list refreshes..

Not much to be done about that sure..

I was thinking a potential help might be at the very least making the lines clickable so it stays highlighted so I can see which line I need to click waitlist on even as it's moving around the list real time..