Does this also.. or would you consider letting it Open All ?

This would be my mail mod of choice if it blew Postal out of the water :-)
what do you mean 'open all'? 

it will auto-pull gold and items.  what would you like it to do?
Can you make it send a set amount? For example, I want to send all my ghost iron bars to one character, except the 30 that I need on the current character. So if I have 100, send 70 and keep 30. Or if I have 31, send 1 and keep 30. And could you make some of the sending rules character specific? Or just an option to have a rule be toon specific
I think what they mean, is the same thing I was looking for. Postal gives you an 'Open all' button on your mail interface, delete and return buttons on each mail, frequently mailed and alt lists for auto-fill, etc. I tried setting 'auto-pull items' and not a single mail was retrieved. Not sure if I was doing it wrong, but if you could mimic more of Postals functions with what you have started, you will garner alot of attention.
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