I find the use of the word "carried" quite telling in the original post ... not "try my best with my lower ilvl" but straight out "carried" lol. Good luck ;)
As I see it, you're getting an awesome add-on and it's up to you whether you pay anything towards it. It's also up to you whether to use it and it's up to Tiny how and when he releases updates.
Thanks for the reply :)

Query about Dragon Kill Points ...

First off, I'd like to say how much I appreciate all your efforts.  I haven't been in a raiding guild for many year now, having done that hardcore for quite a while, so your add-on has given me a new lease of life, especially now that I'm doing normals and hoping to do some heroics at some point so thank you so much.

I'm just curious as to how the DKP is awarded.  Sometimes it seems to be every 3 bosses downed, sometimes it's after 1 downed and sometimes it's after a wipe so I just wondered how it worked :)

All the best to you guys