Query about Dragon Kill Points ...

First off, I'd like to say how much I appreciate all your efforts.  I haven't been in a raiding guild for many year now, having done that hardcore for quite a while, so your add-on has given me a new lease of life, especially now that I'm doing normals and hoping to do some heroics at some point so thank you so much.

I'm just curious as to how the DKP is awarded.  Sometimes it seems to be every 3 bosses downed, sometimes it's after 1 downed and sometimes it's after a wipe so I just wondered how it worked :)

All the best to you guys
DKP is supposed to be awarded for every boss downed when in an oQueue group. 

as i don't pve, debugging those singular events is a bit challenging. 

straightening out DKPs is my current task (next to updating icebox)
Thanks for the reply :)

Hey Tiny,

Old thread I realize, found it from a google search on the topic, so figured here would be appropriate. I see that I am coming up on 1,000 DKP. Is there anything special that happens then? My name in gold? Special dragons? Confetti falling?

Also, you bumming about CTA being taken away, or excited?

for DKP leadership ranks and the associated level breaks, check out this thread:


as for WOD, grouping in general will be screwed unless they change how it's done.

i've been told they're going to allow you to see 25 groups. this is a very small number. in oQueue, 550+ groups is common most nights. as oQueue has about 20% of the user base, i would expect 3000+ groups if everyone were to use it. to only see 25 of those groups means you would have about a 1% chance to see my group. this is very bad. two people could be in the same vent channel and not see each other's group. they'd be forced to manually add btags and invite that way.

definitely a leap backwards... tho a few steps forward from their earlier solution (LFR)

Oh OK, I see. I thought it was 1 DKP per boss, but you've broken it down according to content difficulty, which was actually a question I was gonna ask. Awesome.

Well I don't have to grind as much as I thought to get 1k, but that doesn't yield anything, so I got a ways before the next mark of General at 2250. yeesh.

Is there somewhere that lists the effect of each rank? I take it knight is the sword?

knight is the sword.

general is the helm.

dragons are silver and gold


I noticed a discrepancy with the DKP numbers. When I make an Oqueue group mousing over me for the pop up lists approx 837 DKP. But in the premade tab doing so shows I'm around 2000. Is the pop up for lead kills and the other is for kills I participated in via Oqueue Groups?

Also noticed that neither reflects my actual armory statistics on current content, so am curious.

on the find premade tab, the dkp listed there are those points gathered while leading an oQueue group.

on the main premade tab, those points are those gathered while in an oQueue group.

you can see both sets of numbers by hovering over the top left corner

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