First off, I am not tech support so don't blast me if I cant help you. But, I have been using ofollow ever since it came out. I use it daily... literally thousands of BG's --- and even in TRASHRAN.

HINT - in Ashran, and Deepwind gorge oFollow will only work in "/of debug" mode.

When you say it crashes your clients, do you mean your WOW clients? And if so, when does it crash them? Once you are in game? Or as soon as you get the game up. IF I can help you I will.

Just talked to Tiny - If you are having trouble download again. They are moving servers.


Just talked to Tiny - They are moving servers ... go here http://www.solidice.com/downloads/windows/keyclone

And download. Validation should work then.

Hey Tiny, any updates on oFollow?

I have been using it to Multibox - I just play on 3 toons and so far it has been under the Blizz radar. I have literally been in over 1000 BG's with it. I just hope Tiny can get it up and running again!!!!! Pretty Please???


Tiny, I have been using oFollow for the last year with GREAT results. Can you possibly find time to fix it so it works in WOD? It seems Blizzard broke it....