Game: World of Warcraft (WoW Retail / WoW Classic)
Updated: 09/13/19 09:01 pm
Version: 0.2.6
Filename: otears_0.2.6.zip
MD5: 06debde37130006cdd45e42b9192ee0d
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Total Downloads: 839
Created: 04/09/15
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change.log for oTears

v0.2.6  upd: updated for classic

v0.2.5  add: enhanced killing blow graphic (turn off by unchecking 'announce killing blows')
        bugfix: time of last instance shown on tear drop hover, corrected

v0.2.4  add: spicy sound  (ie:  /ot spicy )

v0.2.3  add: bowling sound  (ie:  /ot bowling )

v0.2.2  upd: added support for scenarios/island expeditions

v0.2.1  upd: removed mmr.  no longer valid.  reflected in rbg stats

v0.2.0  upd: bfa changes
        add: additional change tracking (rating, conquest, honor, azerite)

v0.1.9  bugfix:  j2tw

v0.1.8  upd: brought inline for legion update 7.1
        upd: j2tw

v0.1.7  upd: change frame level for player dots on all maps so players are ontop of points of interest

v0.1.6  upd: reduced rank level requirements
        upd: rank list now goes from high to low

v0.1.5  upd: modified the scale from 7days to last 30days
        add: new ranks
        add: rank list
        add: tooltip on rank list to show the number needed

v0.1.4  upd: update for legion patch
        upd: change frame level for player dots on map to be ontop of points of interest

v0.1.3  add: trumpet when certain toons targeted

v0.1.2  UPD: interface number update

v0.1.1  BUGFIX: safe guard against nil name returned from GetBattlefieldScore
        BUGFIX: nil check for ashran

v0.1.0  BUGFIX: nil arithmetic check

v0.0.9  BUGFIX: flipped comparison sign for kbs, dmg, anmd heals
        add: cmd line option (/ot reset) to clear player ranking data

v0.0.8  BUGFIX: fixed empty wallet bug
        UPD: will now track wallet changes in ashran.  kbs and hks not tracked.
        add: wallet updates now visible on minimap tooltip
        add: pvp standings rank now shown under the current target

v0.0.7  BUGFIX: reset logout time upon login
        UPD: removed some debug

v0.0.5  BUGFIX: next rank field was too short, cut off next rank name
        BUGFIX: 'approaching cap' was undefined
        add: new stat being tracked: hks
        add: added a few more ranks and adjusted levels

v0.0.4  BUGFIX: bug when coming out of arena; was trying to calc stats.  no stats for arena
        UPD: exiting arena will no longer report tears
        add: minimap button  (toggle on/off:  /ot mini)

v0.0.3  BUGFIX: OT.CAPPED was undefined
        UPD: enabled by default

v0.0.2  BUGFIX: killing blows will now be recorded
        UPD: tears will now go to the log
        UPD: /ot will now toggle the ui
        UPD: changed currency output to include kbs and tears

v0.0.1  initial version  (09 april 2015)