Game: World of Warcraft (WoW Classic)
Updated: 10/13/19 03:45 am
Version: 2.2.9
Filename: oqueue-classic_2.2.9.zip
MD5: 9180a8faf0e67442d8f4147c80a31ccd
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Total Downloads: 520
Created: 10/10/19
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change.log for oQueue

v2.2.9  BUGFIX:  hyperlinks were not clicking

v2.2.8  UPD:  changed classic check for battleground file inclusion; will need revisit when achievements come out
        UPD:  removed all battleground related timers and initialization
        UPD:  changed default value for 'enforce level brackets' to false

v2.2.7  UPD:  restricted more functions from classic

v2.2.6  BUGFIX:  making sure raid was set on creation

v2.2.5  BUGFIX:  changed 'is_classic' test (was getting false negatives)
        BUGFIX:  changed icon text to cover all possible talent specs
        UPD:  changed version numbers for bigger range
        UPD:  changed directory to point from oqueue to oqueue-classic
        UPD:  disabled hyperlinks

v2.2.4  BUGFIX:  wasn't joining oqchannel on startup (channel wasn't initialized)

v2.2.3  BUGFIX:  removed bounty check
        UPD: changed name from oQueue to oQueue-classic

v2.2.2  BUGFIX:  removed calls to bnet

V2.2.1  BUGFIX: various bugs flying fast and furious

V2.2.0  UPD: updated for classic