Game: World of Warcraft (WoW Classic)
Updated: 10/13/19 03:45 am
Version: 2.2.9
Filename: oqueue-classic_2.2.9.zip
MD5: 9180a8faf0e67442d8f4147c80a31ccd
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Created: 10/10/19
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About oQueue-classic

oQueue was wow's first mesh network for x-realm group finding, now the GroupFinder in retail. For classic, oQueue-classic gives looking-for-more (LFM) capability to the realm. 

Using oQueue, you can find groups for:

  • dungeons
  • raids
  • roleplay
  • whatever...

oQueue also supports wait lists and ban lists ... which comes in handy to ban bots from entering your bgs, at least on your side. Now you're able to group up with like minded people to maximize your fun! Combine oQueue with discord to greatly enhance your gaming experience

Due to Blizzard restrictions, cross-realm support is not available