With Tiny's help and I am able to get oFollow working in WOD 6.0.3. Thanks for Tiny again for the wonderful support.
The issue appears that I had different movement key-binds from the default settings. Basically, in order to let oFollow work smoothly with any version of WOW (retail, private servers, etc), you need to have the arrow keys with default movements assigned to all your boxing toons:
1. Forward -> Up Arrow
2. Backward -> Down Arrow
3. Turn Left -> Left Arrow
4. Turn right -> Right Arrow

BTW, I would like to bring up some other notes for people who are interesting in oFollow:
1. Does oFollow work for the open world in WOW besides Battle Grounds?
Ans: Yes, with a little extra oFollow command: "/of debug on" on all your boxing toons, and this will enable you to use oFollow in the open world. oFollow is mainly designed for the boxers who want to do boxing in Battle Grounds after Blizzard's "/follow" nerfed. This is pretty good for testing before you get owned in BGs if you didn't set it up correctly. By issuing "/of debug off" on all your boxing toons, the debug mode is set to off.

2. Does oFollow work with multiboxing software, such as ISBoxer?
Ans: Yes, I am using ISBoxer and I can confirm that oFollow has zero conflict with ISBoxer. Note: You have to configure oFollow dimension precisely with your ISBoxer's windows layouts. For example, if you configure your ISboxer: main Windows Slot is 1280 x 960 and rest of Windows Slot is 480 x 240, you have to use "/of" to configure your oFollow's dimension: master - 1280 x 960; slave - 480 x 240.

Sure, I will ping you once I am back home. :)

Ron and Tiny,

It is me again. I’ve recently started to use oFollow, 0.2.1, on the current retail WOW (6.0.3), and it appears not working for me. :/ I’ve tried all the different methods and still not able to resolve it. I think Tiny got it working on 6.0.2 previously, but I am not sure if 6.0.3 breaks oFollow after Blizzard made some hotfixes/changes.

Hi Eyal, sorry about the late reply since I don’t come here very often as a client of this software. :)

To answer your questions:

  1. I play on Molten WOW’s MOP, and its version is 5.4.2.
  2. I am using the current release of oFollow, 0.2.1, on 5.4.2 and it is working nicely. However, I’ve never played on any 5.4.8 servers, so I can’t comment it if it is working on that version as well. Regardless, both Ron and Tiny are very helpful, and I am sure they will help you out if you experience any oFollow issue on 5.4.8.

Tiny and Ron, again, thanks for your great responsiveness and awesome support. oFollow works nicely for me now, and I am very happy with it. Happy Holidays to you all!

No problem for the wait...we are still in holiday! :)

Ya, I tried all different methods including those ones you suggested as well, but no luck. I think someone here had the same exact problem as mine before, and Tiny might resolve the issue for him. Let me harass Tiny in vent. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did all what you posted and my slaves still are able to follow the master. I did a few snapshots for your reference, and here is the link:



1. I am using ISBOXER, and all windows size are 1920x960. I set my master as "1920 x 960" by using "/of" in game. I realized that the oFollow app auto detects my slaves as "480x240". I tried both "1920x960" and "480x240" on the slaves, but no success.

2. Not sure what the option in the setup "Master follows focus" is for. I left it checked.

3. Double checked: the "oFollow" addon for all the toons is active.

I just purchased the license and installed the app, but I am not able to get it work in the open world in wow (private server, 5.4.2). I haven't tested it in BGs yet, so does this addon only work in BGs?

What a prompt reply, and I am very glad to get a quick response for this pre-sale support. I am going to pay shortly and hopefully to get similar experience for the post-sale support. :)


I am looking forward to pay this software for my boxing accounts on a 5.4.2 private server. Could someone please help to confirm if oFollow works on this particular version of WOW?

Thanks in advance