Delayed release, clunky mouse movement

This does not happen 100% of the time, but I have isolated the effect to keyclone.

Playing two instances of wow.  One Blizzard account, two lics for wow.

After playing for 5-10 minutes, I get a delay on releasing keys.  So if I am running with W, and I let go of W, it will continue to run for a second.  While it is doing this, if I am steering with holding the right mouse button, it gets very chunky.

Only difference on my end is standard windows updates and properly  clocked my ran.  I didn't realize it was running at 2133, and sped it up to 3600.  I went back on set it to default and tested again with same results.

I have test WoW dual box without keyclone.  Just got one character on follow and played the other one in an area killing things and running around as I would if I was dual boxing as normal, and I did not have any issues.

I downloaded keyclone again from the site, ran in the fresh program, and still experienced the same issue.

Any suggestions would help, thank you.