Update on my previous suggestion. Some of the regulars and I are actually discussing loot systems and discussing MS>OS in particular. One of the suggestions just made was rather ingenious in its simplicity, by Kkahan, where he stated:

"But maybe they would be better off putting in an option that shows what loot setting the raid leader has the raid set to - need before greed, round robin, master loot etc. And perhaps some mouse-over text that simply states, "Loot rules can vary from one raid to the next. Please make sure you check with the raid leader to confirm how they determine loot will be distributed by the given loot method."

I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I brought up the idea of maybe being allowed to sort the premade listing by loot type.

Does Karma reset on Tuesdays? Or if I delete my Oqueue folder in addons when updating to latest version?

I noticed I was green all last week and had 25 karma on Monday. Tuesday rolls around and I'm back to zilch.


I noticed a discrepancy with the DKP numbers. When I make an Oqueue group mousing over me for the pop up lists approx 837 DKP. But in the premade tab doing so shows I'm around 2000. Is the pop up for lead kills and the other is for kills I participated in via Oqueue Groups?

Also noticed that neither reflects my actual armory statistics on current content, so am curious.


A way to designate what loot system your Pre-Made is using for PvE content. Tiny, I've been hosting a number of guides over the years that have a section on this very topic, including helpful abbreviations you could easily use.

Here's a direct link to the Loot Systems section of one of them:

Oh OK, I see. I thought it was 1 DKP per boss, but you've broken it down according to content difficulty, which was actually a question I was gonna ask. Awesome.

Well I don't have to grind as much as I thought to get 1k, but that doesn't yield anything, so I got a ways before the next mark of General at 2250. yeesh.

Is there somewhere that lists the effect of each rank? I take it knight is the sword?

Hey Tiny,

Old thread I realize, found it from a google search on the topic, so figured here would be appropriate. I see that I am coming up on 1,000 DKP. Is there anything special that happens then? My name in gold? Special dragons? Confetti falling?

Also, you bumming about CTA being taken away, or excited?