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License Server Down?

Just wondering if anyone else is getting the "LICENSE HAS EXPIRED" message when launching KeyClone...

I followed Tiny's instructions to the letter and everything worked perfectly. Originally I had installed keyclone into a custom directory (C:\keyclone) and I simply made a backup of this directory before installing the new version. I did not uninstall Keyclone first, just simply ran the installer and let it copy over the files (browsing to my custom directory of course) and let it overwrite the existing files. I then compared the INI files from my backup and they were identical, so I started up Keyclone normally and everything worked as expected.


It is extremely rare I ever post on forums anywhere. However, I felt compelled to register and comment on one thing.

I have been a KeyClone user for 7+ years. There were only about 3 times I can recall where I have experienced issues with the license server being down. That is some pretty damn good SLA up time if you ask me.

While the episode this weekend was a little longer than I was hoping for, I will continue to use KeyClone as opposed to "other" solutions simply because it provides everything I need 99.9 percent of the time.

Thanks for the great application and excellent service. And if the future ever brings us KeyClone2, I am all over it.