okay, the license is active but how do I set it up?


I just bought a license for oFollow v0.2.2 and it still says " License Has Expired " , what do I do and are you able to help me set it up on vent Tiny?

Omg, this is legendary, I'm glad that it would work, and I'm not sure I think I got it all on how to set it up, I do recommend you make a video tho for everyone, I'm gonna buy it soon when I have the money.

Hello Kuda, I was wondering on what server do u play? and does the 6.0.3 version still work on 5.4.8 private servers? I would be more than happy to purchase your amazing addon.


Hello, I have a question about Ofollow, I'm a multiboxer on a private server, and I was wondering since it was updated to 6.0.3 would it work on my private server which is currently 5.4.8? I'm interested in buying it but I don't want to buy it and then find out that it doesn't work, so will it work or not? and if it wouldn't I'm wondering if the developer still has the 5.4.8 version and if I could buy that version from him.

P.S : My server's admins told me it is fine to use that addon in their server.