found out it was GridConfigurableLayouts addon from curse which seems to no longer be available to download as the page gives a 404 message now. the addon was by a person named MSaint which seems he no longers has projects shown, i will be removing that addon right now so it wont cause any issues again.

the panel on the left is someone i inspected the right is my own character panel open next to it. just checked it is version 0.1.7 and even close to someone after a few seconds it would end up looking like the left panel. i disabled all the addons and now it works i guess i will need to figure which addon is messing with ogear

thanks for the response time to go thru all my addons :P

dont mean to double post but it wont let me edit my op with a working link the otherone somehow doesnt work,


Ogear issue i am having