Ogear issue i am having

dont mean to double post but it wont let me edit my op with a working link the otherone somehow doesnt work,


first off, please type '/ogear' and verify you're using version 0.1.7

the pic on the left looks almost like an inspection window of a party member. if the member isn't within inspection range for non-party members, it doesn't seem to get the information (i'd love to know why, blizz). does it fill in properly if you're next to people?

as for the image on the right, i'm unsure why it's formatted so weird. if you turn off your other addons, does it look normal?

the panel on the left is someone i inspected the right is my own character panel open next to it. just checked it is version 0.1.7 and even close to someone after a few seconds it would end up looking like the left panel. i disabled all the addons and now it works i guess i will need to figure which addon is messing with ogear

thanks for the response time to go thru all my addons :P

please let me know which addon is conflicting if/when you figure it out

found out it was GridConfigurableLayouts addon from curse which seems to no longer be available to download as the page gives a 404 message now. the addon was by a person named MSaint which seems he no longers has projects shown, i will be removing that addon right now so it wont cause any issues again.

hmm. it must have been doing something with the character frame and maybe the tooltip (which would interfere w/ getting the data)

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