Claim your character and start generating raffle points

We'll be rolling out a raffle system this week (*crosses fingers*). You'll be able to claim a raffle ticket once you've earned enough raffle points. You gain raffle points when you win a bg, rbg, arena, or kill a boss raid boss. We will be expanding it to include quest completions and possibly pet battles.

Once you have the raffle tickets, you will be able to place them into any existing raffle. We will begin with a small raffle to see how that goes. Once a minimum number of people have entered, the raffle will 'go live' and the seven(7) day countdown will begin. You will be able to increase your odds by putting multiple tickets into a single raffle, the exact number has yet to be finalized (i'm thinking 15 or 20 tickets for the 7 day raffles and 50+ for the 30 day ones).

If we get enough interest, we'll push to add a 30 day raffle which may have some cool hardware as prizes. We'll see how it works as we go.

As always, drop us your comments and let us know your thoughts.

Example raffle:

(Prizes may change)