In addition to what tiny said:

/of master

Run this command on your current master toon.

/of slave

Run this command on each toon which will be a 'slave' or a 'follower'.

When you switch masters, because the master died, or for any other reason. You will want to issue the /of master command on the new master, and then the /of slave command on all slaves.

An example would be to create 2 macros on every toon. One containing /of slave, and the other containing /of master.

Fire the /of master macro on the toon you just switched to, and then fire the /of slave macro on the other toons.

Thirdly, you will want a /of follow macro. After firing the master and slave macros, fire this /of follow macro on your slaves and they should start following the master.

How you fire or trigger the macros will depend on which multiboxing software you are using, but it should be quite simple to set it up.

Cheers for the quick response!

I can't get this to work. The addon is loaded and appears to be working or, at least, the /of command causes the dimention popup to appear. Does the game version have an effect on the addon? I'm playing on a 5.4 private server. If there's a version compatibility issue, is there somewhere I can download the 5.4 addon?

Also, I'm not clear on the dimensions thing. Should I input the WoW client resolution or the size of the window while it's following (not in the main region in the case of ISBoxer)?

the dimensions are the dimensions of the wow client.

which realm or server you're playing on will not effect ofollow.

there might be some special setup required for isboxer, as i believe it resamples the client windows before displaying them. hop in vent and we can discuss

wow.publicvent,org : 4135 room 0

I am looking forward to pay this software for my boxing accounts on a 5.4.2 private server. Could someone please help to confirm if oFollow works on this particular version of WOW?

Thanks in advance

oFollow was working on the live server for patch 5.4.2.

We won't be able to log onto a private server to test, but it was working on the live servers with patch 5.4.2.

What a prompt reply, and I am very glad to get a quick response for this pre-sale support. I am going to pay shortly and hopefully to get similar experience for the post-sale support. :)


I just purchased the license and installed the app, but I am not able to get it work in the open world in wow (private server, 5.4.2). I haven't tested it in BGs yet, so does this addon only work in BGs?

Hi kuda,

oFollow has no restrictions to open world or in instances / battlegrounds. It should work fine in both settings.

You will want to make sure you are issuing the `/of slave` command on all of your follow toons. Then the `/of master` command on your lead toon.

Then when you issue the `/of follow` command, your toons should start following.

The addon needs to be installed for all your instances of WoW, if you are running from more than one install location.

On the small square oFollow window, you should see all of your toons listed, and the box next to their name should be green, indicating that they are successfully connected.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did all what you posted and my slaves still are able to follow the master. I did a few snapshots for your reference, and here is the link:



1. I am using ISBOXER, and all windows size are 1920x960. I set my master as "1920 x 960" by using "/of" in game. I realized that the oFollow app auto detects my slaves as "480x240". I tried both "1920x960" and "480x240" on the slaves, but no success.

2. Not sure what the option in the setup "Master follows focus" is for. I left it checked.

3. Double checked: the "oFollow" addon for all the toons is active.

Sorry for the wait kuda,

I can see that in master.png all your toons are configured correctly, but in slaves.png there is a issue with the first 2 toons. When the names of the toons are displayed incorrectly and the square is not green that indicates that the resolutions may not be set properly.

When you are on your master and all the toons are linked properly, try enabling key passthrough in ISBOXER and issuing the /of follow command manually on all your slaves.

Either way, I have passed this thread across to Tiny as he knows best when it comes to oFollow. If you'd like you can shoot him a pm here on the site. Normally he would like to jump into the Public Vent and help troubleshoot that way.

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