Game: World of Warcraft (6.1.0)
Updated: 03/03/15 02:26 am
Version: 0.0.7
Filename: otradechat_0.0.7.zip
MD5: 38e025f5113e6d2fee29e7f97b72e1e1
Monthly Downloads: 2
Total Downloads: 3,466
Created: 07/11/14
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License: all rights reserved

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v0.0.7 update for 6.1

v0.0.6 updated toc version for 6.0.2

v0.0.5 otc messages can now be clicked to start a whisper to the speaker

v0.0.4 fixed echo when multiple people in city

v0.0.3 otc users in-town may talk w/ outside of city by typing '/otc <msg>'
was joining channels early and would grab channel 1; added wait to avoid this

v0.0.2 changed behavior so people outside the city will not be relayed into trade
people outside can post to otc chat by typing '/otc <msg>'; ppl outside of city will see it

v0.0.1 initial revision
in response to video stutter bug due to tradeforwarder conflicting with oQueue