Game: World of Warcraft (6.0.3)
Updated: 02/06/15 11:03 pm
Version: 3.0.7c
Filename: oqueue_3.0.7c.zip
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Created: 12/07/12
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v3.0.7c BUGFIX: brewmaster monks will now register as tanks
BUGFIX: protected against nil realm name on initialization
BUGFIX: protected against nil compare when entering wsg
BUGFIX: added new special realm name for EU's "Marécage de Zangar" (thx Alathea!)
UPD: added french realm name variants

v3.0.7 BUGFIX: will now allow groups to waitlist for premades
BUGFIX: working better with category activities for pulldown selections

v3.0.6 BUGFIX: income report when leaving an instance will now be reported (IsInInstance return type changed)
UPD: now supports level ranges to 100
UPD: removed boss-ids
UPD: new premade type - 'ashran'
add: holiday additions (enable: /oq j2tw disable: /oq grinch)
add: new raid - Highmaul

v3.0.5 BUGFIX: support for passworded groups returned
add: ban by name-realm now supported; right click group name, group member, or wait lister to ban

v3.0.4 BUGFIX: EU groups were not visible (thx nuage!)
UPD: auto-refresh timer will refresh to 45 seconds if you select another premade type

v3.0.3 BUGFIX: search premade-type defaulted to group specified on the create-premade tab
BUGFIX: oQueue whispers to non-oqueue group leaders removed
BUGFIX: now able to set notes on oQueue groups when wait listed
BUGFIX: protected against blizz spamming GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE (was getting 'too many group actions')
UPD: find-premade list will auto-refresh the contents every 45 seconds while open

v3.0.2 BUGFIX: fixed invite bug (seems you must do InviteApplicant and not InviteUnit even tho you can whisper them; testing was on connected accts >.<)

v3.0.1 BUGFIX: removed lingering alts reference on setup tab (thx bangorme!)
UPD: pre-loaded the GroupFinder so searches would produce something w/out having to open the window
UPD: put 'custom' activities into 'raids' if the activity description contains 'heroic', 'normal', or 'flex'
UPD: insured GetCVar("portal") results are uppercase; seems it can vary
UPD: group type 'roleplay' removed
UPD: group listing adhering to groupfinder query mechanism (multi queries invalidate previous group ids)
add: 'mythic' now searchable

UPD: now works x-realm using group finder back end (thx blizz for the hotfixes!)
UPD: removed battle.net communications
UPD: removed the mesh network
UPD: removed the scoreboard
UPD: removed the bounty board
UPD: removed the karma system

v2.1.1 BUGFIX: missed realmList to portal for EU region

UPD: no battle.net support; all group information will come strictly from oqgeneral
UPD: removed missing api shade

v2.0.7 BUGFIX: replaced GetCVar('realmList') with GetCVar('portal')

v2.0.6 BUGFIX: moved 'fog of war' checkbox to new world map
UPD: the 'missing api' shade can now be closed. will reappear every 15 minutes

v2.0.5 UPD: WOD updates .. final update

v2.0.3 BUGFIX: remove-all oQueue added friends patched
UPD: added spelling special case for 'Khaz'goroth' ... also forced lower check on all realms when searching for realm-id
UPD: added rejection reason to wait list denials
UPD: changed spyglass filter from 20 characters max to 80 (really thought i changed that before, sorry Nikolaj)
UPD: changed format of rejection message
UPD: caster hit % should combine GetCombatRatingBonus with GetSpellHitModifier. (thx stickybit!)
UPD: red tinge to groups with members below the min ilevel as a warning (thx Nerien!)
UPD: adjusted font size for premade version on tooltip
UPD: contract target guids modified
UPD: insured only normal and heroic will respond to lockouts
UPD: moved paperdoll gear info and auto-inspect to oGear, now on solidice.com and icebox
add: the snitch: inspect group members for min ilevel; to toggle the ui, type '/oq snitch' or click the button

v2.0.1 BUGFIX: appending nil on req_invite fail (thx Renato!)
BUGFIX: assigned raid markers will only be set by actual premade leader (pvp players could get lead and shift markers)
BUGFIX: insured oq_ascii was initialized when initializing tables
UPD: tweaked message processing for bad messages
UPD: invite sent even if bnet doesn't show the person friended and online (bnet doesn't always relay the info, yet invites still work. gg blizz)
UPD: insured only pve groups would check for resil and mmr
UPD: added boss name in response if lockout conflict detected
UPD: added limit on bn_connect response (ping'ing the world)
UPD: clear-filters will also reset find-premade sort column and order
add: you can now filter by realm name. just type the realm name into the spyglass to see those realms
add: sort by leadership rank now available; skull/boss icon will toggle ascending/descending
add: tooltip will include boss name if lockout conflict
add: cmdline to show raid lockouts (bit per boss rendered as hex): /oq show locks
add: will announce in chat when removed from a wait list
add: premade group leader's oQueue version number now displayed on lower right of find-premade's tooltip

v2.0.0 *skipping to insure all beta testers get the update notice

v1.9.9 BUGFIX: verifying BNGetToonInfo does not return a nil sender_name
BUGFIX: attempting to wait list while in a group will now ask if you want to leave. if yes, it will leave group and wait list
UPD: you can no longer queue for regular bg groups with a group
UPD: updated remove options to include left over wait listers
UPD: 'not qualified' response will now include a reason (group leader must have latest version)
UPD: 'go dark' will now leave oqgeneral and ping friends to stop sending; re-enabling oqueue will ping the world and re-join oqgeneral
UPD: minimum ilevel will reflect the lowest ilevel in the group or the set minimum, whichever is lowest
UPD: 'going dark' will now inform your b.net friends you're offline, so they'll stop sending oq messages
add: 'all pending' premade filter type (thx ZacharyC!)
add: new filter capability: use 'pvp' and 'pve' to find general categories of premades (ie: all pve over 570: pve & i570)

v1.9.8 BUGFIX: status when queue'd will no longer 'blink'
BUGFIX: GMT time on the setup tab will now reposition when oqueue is resized
BUGFIX: bg premade chart cleared on bg exit
BUGFIX: force role set upon entry to group
BUGFIX: role check button should only be visible to the group leader
BUGFIX: unpack error on bad charm
BUGFIX: insured old mesh requests are denied (hoping to address freeze bug)
BUGFIX: added empty realmName check (hoping to address freeze bug; thx sigprof!)
BUGFIX: ilevel being shown in mmr column for rbgs
BUGFIX: 'rating too low' popped up on raids for users w/ no pvp rating UPD: spyglass filter text increased to 50 characters max
UPD: arena waitlist tooltip will show arena rank achieve (requires this update by waitlister to populate)
UPD: rbg wait list will now display highest achieved rank as numeric on 'pvp rating' line
add: minimum ilevel spyglass filter option: i<number>
add: minimum rating spyglass filter option: r<number>
add: count of members in the current bg instance

v1.9.7 BUGFIX: nil time offset check
BUGFIX: best arena rating will now be sent when WL'ing for arenas; rbg rating now sent when WL'ing rbgs
BUGFIX: premade info sent from same realm bnet friend
BUGFIX: party member offline status change caught
BUGFIX: wait list tooltip wasn't showing correct info; premade type sent from WLer incorrect
BUGFIX: plugged token leak
BUGFIX: waitlist comparison default set
UPD: will clean out expired groups from opposite faction upon load
UPD: clear premade info out of cache if group expires
UPD: group_reform removed
UPD: top dps and heals reporting removed
UPD: premades will not be announced while in an instance
UPD: additional invite safeguards to insure accidental invite acceptance doesn't happen
UPD: group leaders will leave as normal member now
UPD: group leads will no longer trigger group disband when leaving (remnant from old bg grouping)
UPD: performace tweak - changed timers to coroutines to get off the ui thread
UPD: properly defined any vars ending up in the global table (thx VIad and Workfoz!)
UPD: check for btag before processing friend requests
UPD: tweaked for slow machines to insure oqgeneral isn't hijacking channel-ids
UPD: mesh requests issued more then 1 hour prior will be auto-rejected (sender must have updated oQueue)
UPD: mesh requests from opposite faction or banned btags will be auto-rejected
UPD: changed all shades to use the OQ.FONT instead of hardcoding FRIZQT__.TTF. should help w/ cyrillic
UPD: premade tooltip now shows lowest ilevel; the # of ppl on the waitlist is on same line as the # of ppl in the group
add: cmdline option: '/oq show cache' will dump cache stats
add: hard-drop button to the create-premade tab; forces premade group cleanup (button instead of cmdline)
add: if WL with bad premade type info, will respond with error "outdated oQueue"
add: role-check button on main-premade tab
add: performace tweak - buffered premade reshuffle; would get 4 or 5 reshuffle requests at once, reduced to 1

v1.9.6 *skipping to insure all beta testers get the update notice

v1.9.5 BUGFIX: player-role picked up on spec change and reload
BUGFIX: raid subtype will change properly
BUGFIX: extra checks for valid group info
BUGFIX: when hopping from LFR to LFR, would quit group to cleanup existing oQueue data. fixed
BUGFIX: will clean up the OQ raid when alone in a group and you're not the OQ leader
BUGFIX: wasn't sending premade info to oqgeneral if only one in group
BUGFIX: waitlist response to same realm wasn't sending
BUGFIX: group member count was inaccurate when in an instance
BUGFIX: who-popped-lust fixed for pve (thx EU's Aniz-Azjol Nerub!!)
UPD: class spec text added to tooltip for in-group and waitlist items
UPD: adjusted de-listing from pending groups when invited. will now de-list appropriately (dead groups will remain until dissolved)
UPD: regular raids will now show up without subtype abbreviation

v1.9.4 BUGFIX: group cleanup
BUGFIX: world boss regional conflicts
BUGFIX: vip invite-all now works
BUGFIX: 'you are not in a ...' addressed
BUGFIX: premade type being set when requesting invite; should only happen on invite issued by RL
BUGFIX: multi-accts able to see group from same acct
BUGFIX: fixed queuing times for regular bg pops
UPD: reduced complexity by removing the old bg queuing code
UPD: queue-pop indicator colors now set by median graph
UPD: appended highest rbg rating obtained to rbg/bg tooltip
add: queue-pop graph on the main premade tab for regular bgs
add: 'check again' button on bad-btag shade
add: 'check again' button on bnet-down shade
add: some arena love; tooltips now show ratings and win-loss
add: class and spec info added to arena tooltip
add: top arena rank appended to arena tooltip
add: count-down clickable PAUSED button on find-premade (grey by default; left-click or shift to toggle, right-click to end)

v1.9.3 BUGFIX: wait list requests were being rejected due to incorrect class. fixed.
BUGFIX: will write to raid channel when in a raid, party when in a party
BUGFIX: seat assignment corrected for new group layouts
BUGFIX: will de-list with any pending groups if you create a group
BUGFIX: leave/join queue button is properly aligned. will be disabled when 'join'; must use honor tab
UPD: '/oq fixui' will now reposition the score marquee
UPD: removed old bg queuing code. cleaned up queue pop response
add: req_token sent w/ pending note to distinquish between multiple subaccts under one btag
add: tooltip extra added to display the reason the user isn't qualified for a group
add: hover over tooltip on main premade tab will now show time latency if the queue is popped

v1.9.2 BUGFIX: moved LoadAddOn("Blizzard_PVPUI") in order to initially populate pvp ratings
BUGFIX: non-tables passed to tbl.delete will be handled properly
BUGFIX: pending info will survive reload (why didn't i hear about that sooner??)
UPD: loot-acceptance will only popup for normal or heroic instances
UPD: loot-acceptance response will only echo to instance chat on 'do not accept' and 'reject and leave'
UPD: russian language update (thx Efzet!)
UPD: pending groups will say 'pending' in a flat click label instead of a button
UPD: main premade updates for battleground count down solo queues
UPD: clicking the dice will pop up the raffle shade as well as signal icebox to go to the page
UPD: battleground groups on the find-premade list will now display group composition; #tanks, #heals, #dps
add: cmdline option to toggle queue time differences: /oq raw
add: loot-acceptance dialog on setup panel
add: hitting escape will close the loot-method-acceptance dialog
add: loot-acceptance 'do not accept' now has a 4 sec cooldown
add: 'x' in the corner ofloot-acceptance
add: cmdline to list pending info; /oq pending
add: groups you're pending with will show a note if you're eligible to post a note for the leader
add: user's notes appear to the right on the wait list
add: filter will now look for difficulty and size of raid; ie: soo10 & heroic , soo25 & normal

v1.9.1 BUGFIX: verify group and slot numbers
BUGFIX: removed forced PVPUIFrame load. would force load before player exclusion preference loaded
UPD: won't clear a marker if none set on the main premade tab; allows for manual setting
UPD: modified hop such that if a msg arrived via b.net w/ a TTL of 0, it would dump into oqgeneral to tell the realm
UPD: 'time drift' on the setup panel now reflects variance from scorekeeper time
UPD: if qualified is checked, groups in an active bg will not be seen
add: loot method acceptance dialog; results of your choice will echo to chat, thereby providing a record for Blizz

v1.9.0 UPD: send_xrealm now queue'd with all msg'ing
UPD: oq_ping_user now queue'd with all msg'ing
UPD: increased realm spread from 4 to 7 for wider coverage
UPD: group ad cycle reduced from 30 seconds down to 20 seconds
add: insured oq-checks won't happen more then once every 5 seconds (wow msgs triggering too often)
add: bundled msgs to reduce the quantity of msgs sent between realms

v1.8.9 BUGFIX: mesh-tags will no longer be cleared on reload. remove-now should catch many more (if not all) now
BUGFIX: raid lockout issue (thx swazi!)
UPD: restricted the oq protocol check to no more then 20 msgs/sec when bnet cycles; should lower traffic
UPD: german translation modification
UPD: new hints
UPD: help, hints, and raffle info shades will pop up if not seen in 7 days (esc closes)
UPD: special case realm name for "Chants éternels" (thx obscene!)
UPD: btags will now be held once obtained (bnet could send back nil btags)
UPD: changed boss death detection (thx Xellis!)
add: 'remove now' changed to 'all', 'offline', and '5'
add: play2play raffle info shade
add: if icebox is loaded and running, some url links are clickable
add: support for icebox lookups
add: check for bnet connection before every BNSendGameData (just in case)
add: icebox integration; with icebox enabled and active, clicking group on find-premade will pop up leader's armory
add: icebox integration; with icebox enabled and active, clicking urls in oQueue windows will jump to the page

v1.8.8d BUGFIX: waitlist armory link now set properly for non-US regions (thx Genrix!)
BUGFIX: if raid lockout is expired, will now show 0/N bosses completed (thx Pawsed!)
BUGFIX: color-blind-mode setting held between sessions (thx Maddace!)
UPD: optimized fill_match
UPD: armory link now points to 'advanced' instead of 'simple'
UPD: 'clear filters' will now insure SHIFT is not down and the list is not paused
UPD: removed bloat
UPD: added special EU realm name for "Temple noir" to match "Templenoir"

v1.8.8c BUGFIX: brazilian premade check
BUGFIX: expired lockouts solved (thx Zorrial!)
UPD: reduced premade info pulse from 5 times/min to 3 times/min (cuts bandwidth)

v1.8.8 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: initial premade type set properly
BUGFIX: misspelling yu'lon
BUGFIX: cleaned up count next to raid subtype render
BUGFIX: spyglass filter will be initially unchecked
UPD: initial join oqgeneral channel time jumped from 5s to 15s
UPD: if you hit 'create' on the premade tab as a group leader but not the oQueue leader, it will harddrop and create (thx lilhealz!)
UPD: no-voice icon changed
UPD: french translation update (thx Alathea!!)
UPD: added brazilian servers to oceanic list for world boss checks
UPD: updated boss nicknames
UPD: raid subtype color update: flex
UPD: spyglass filter will now check raid abbreviation
UPD: progression info now only for 10N, 10H, 25N, 25H
UPD: logbook font reduced to fit text
add: raid progression shown on status area
add: live updating raid status info (will push an update every 20s when in the instance; RL only) (thx EasyE!)
add: karma button on the top left button bar
add: lang-type: korean (translation pending)
add: giving karma will now effect the giver. +10 pts given yields +1 karma. -10 pts given yields -1 karma
add: checking qualified will now check raid lock conflicts
add: left-clicking minimap wait-list count will open wait-list; right-click will invite-all
add: checking qualified will now verify oceanic and non-oceanic realms for 'world boss' raid groups
add: wait-list rejection over raid lockout conflict
add: will leave oqgeneral channel if channel 1 and attempt to rejoin 15 seconds later

v1.8.7 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: insure group structure recovered properly
BUGFIX: protect against double reporting boss kills
BUGFIX: paperdoll glitch
BUGFIX: spyglass filter will now uncheck when 'clear filters' is pushed
UPD: optimized group recovery function
UPD: preventatived measures to minimize gear window bugs (thx woozles!)
UPD: changed around how the joining of oqgeneral works so it won't join until in world, allowing general to grab #1
add: group leaders only - wait list count next to minimap icon (thx temptamp!)
add: will remember the last tab you were on when next popped up

v1.8.6 BUGFIX: unknown voip-selection nil
BUGFIX: time bug (local 'now' undefined on initial pass)
BUGFIX: catch old-btag-cache issues
BUGFIX: nWaiting and nMembers default to 0
BUGFIX: confirm nWaiting is not nil before comparison
UPD: create premade description limited to 35 character input
UPD: tweaked width of filter drop downs to account for wider selections (oceanic)
UPD: removed OQ_toon. character level data dependency now removed
UPD: no warnings about bnet being down or role not set until after full load
UPD: removed raid experience from req-invite msg to cut msg length
add: voip-type: wow in-game voip (in-raid, same realm only; blizz limitation)
add: lang-type: dutch
add: lang-type: swedish
add: lang-type: arabic (UAE flag)
add: red or blue highlight around gear icon to indicate pvp or pve gear on the inspectframe and paperdoll
add: setup checkbox to toggle gear highlight (default is on)
add: 'qualified' will also remove any premades with a full wait list
add: voip and language flags on the main premade tab above notes
add: class portrait check against nil oq.toon
add: initialization bug catch; will alert if init failed

v1.8.5 BUGFIX: initial height irregularity
BUGFIX: battle.net links will now use GetLocale() to pick up the language and GetCVar("realmList") to pick up the region
BUGFIX: dialog box text re-aligned to center after use
BUGFIX: rated bgs weren't filtering properly
UPD: reworded hint #5 and appended hint #21
UPD: RIGHT-CLICK the clear-filters button will disable all filter choices
UPD: sorted filter and selection pull downs; unspecified and US at the top
UPD: made sure to wait 12 seconds before joining oqgeneral to allow general and trade to grab 1 and 2
UPD: find-mesh will now clear your time adjustment and join oqgeneral if appropriate
add: italian translation (Thx B1G3M!!)
add: count next to voip and language filter selection
add: exclusion filters for premade, voip and language types (toggle by right-clicking the selection on the find-premade filter list)
add: clear-filters button on the find-premade tab will reset the list
add: cmdline option: /oq findmesh
add: voip-type: razer (thx Flaim!)
add: lang-type: Turkish (thx Royfokker!)
add: lang-type: Euro (General)
add: lang-type: Greek
add: voip selection now required for group leaders (no-voice is an option)
add: version requirement. ppl will be auto-rejected from waitlisting if they are more then one version back
add: premade-type: roleplay ; groups will be raids and loot should be settable by the RL
add: if you're in a premade or running one and wait-list for another group, you'll be prompted to leave/disband your current group
add: cmdline option: /oq delist

v1.8.4 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: default value for onSizeChanged
BUGFIX: removed pvp rank from scenario tooltips
UPD: main premade tab will now resize properly
UPD: lots of bug chasing to clear out bad, lost or duped rows
UPD: additional resize elements
UPD: tooltip for pve progression updated for SoO
UPD: resized setup panel properly
UPD: mesh tags will no longer clear before being found on the friends list (ppl would clear and those yet to accept would be forgotten)
UPD: removed oqgeneral connection; now only connected to oqchannel
add: cmdline option to completely clear log and re-initialize it; /oq log clear
add: cmdline option to list outstanding mesh tags; /oq show meshtags
add: cmdline option to wipe btag mesh cache; /oq clear meshtags
add: new qualfiers for group creation (voip, language, role and class)
add: new filters on find-premade; pulldown for voip and language type
add: new columns on find-premade; will show voip and language flag
add: x-faction scorekeeper relay
add: ctrl+left-click on find-premade or the wait-list will popup a wowarmory link; copy/paste into your browser
add: auto-hide friend requests will now turn off the b.net notification as well as hide the yellow text
add: hint-shade

v1.8.3 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new file)
UPD: list refresh issues
UPD: spanish translation update (thx Yllelder!)
UPD: french translation (thx Alathea!)
UPD: clearing premades will also clear local leaders (/oq clear premades)
add: vertical resize thumb in lower right
add: find-premade row height adjustment; range: 15-30 cmdline: /oq set rowheight [n]
add: ui height resize capability; range: 400-1000 cmdline: /oq set height[n]
add: check against nil channel-id
add: check against nil btags on waitlists

v1.8.2 BUGFIX: made sure empty premade lines wouldn't show
BUGFIX: oq panels originally positioned with negative x or y fixed
BUGFIX: row hilight when pending was removed when scrolling or going to different sections
BUGFIX: rows that fell off the top or bottom being forced into hiding
BUGFIX: nil filter check
BUGFIX: row offset not always initialized
add: special version tag to show subversions in titlebar (ie: 1.8.1b)
add: disband group and eject all members. leader only. cmdline: /oq ejectall
add: find group member's name, realm and btag from partial string. cmdline: /oq find <substring>
add: pushing score data to oqgeneral to notify the people with 1.7.5 or sooner

v1.8.1 BUGFIX: premades with nil tm, leader name, or group name removed
UPD: optimized frame recycling
UPD: find-premade list performance improvement
UPD: forums swtiched from oq.publicvent.org to the forums on the main site; solidice.com/forums
UPD: huge memory save; find-premade list optimized to use minimal rows (13 or so) via visibility tricks
add: additional logic filters (ie: "cel | ordo" or "flex & 1 | 2" or "rgb & !yolo"); left to right order
add: ability to list premade groups. cmdline: /oq show premades [substring]
add: disband premade cmdline option: /oq disband
add: find-mesh response printed to general chat (many times no response is recv'd. grrrr)

v1.8.0 BUGFIX: nil raid stats check
BUGFIX: strlower check on leader names for sorting
BUGFIX: sanitized the premade filter to remove '%+-/^#<>=()[]{};,' (thx Adi!!)
BUGFIX: put in check for unknown level ranges (thx Adi!!)
BUGFIX: auto-remove temporary bnet friends working again (notes weren't setting)
BUGFIX: protected against nil comparison on ilevel
UPD: Russian translation updated (thx Efzet!!)

v1.7.9 *skipping to insure all beta testers get the update notice

v1.7.8 ** mandatory update ** (blizz api changes and oqueue protocol updates)
BUGFIX: auto-leave group when invited fixed
UPD: chnaged to new blizz api: BNGetFriendInviteInfoByAddon

v1.7.7 ** mandatory update ** (blizz api changes and oqueue protocol updates)
REM: broadcast msg will no longer be needed for (OQ) friend discovery
UPD: msgs now sent thru bnet addon channel instead of chat channels
UPD: oqgeneral changed to oqrealmchannel to separate the old protocol users from the new

v1.7.6 BUGFIX: empty leaderxp handled
BUGFIX: find-mesh handling error fixed
UPD: updated entering and leaving oqgeneral when in an instance (auto-removes you from oqgeneral when in an instance)
UPD: ban detection will display to log as well as general chat
UPD: updated various German translations (thanks Xingmao-Un'Goro EU !!)
UPD: miscellaneous groups will auto-set loot to 'group loot'
add: battle.net required shade now warns user if bnet is down (oqueue requires bnet; shade blocks main ui)
add: auto-decline any bnet friend requests that contain 'pvpbank.com' in the message
add: cmd-line option to toggle bnet (/oq toggle bnet)
add: invite-all cmdline and keybind option
add: find-premade list pause capability; holding 'shift' will now pause updates until released (thx TKlein!!)
add: oQueue will detect afk and leave oqgeneral and clear out your bnet broadcast msg so you stop receiving msgs; restarts when you come back

v1.7.5 BUGFIX: recycled premade lines reset properly (no longer 'pending' on groups you didn't waitlist)
UPD: extended cmdline option; /oq [show [btags [subtext]]]; '/oq show btags joe' shows all btags with 'joe' either in btag or note
add: wait list and ban list sort order will now be remembered
add: cmdline option; /oq show locals; will dump the groups created by local leaders

v1.7.4 BUGFIX: announce-premades will only display if name changes on existing groups
BUGFIX: log button and bounty board button will check and uncheck properly when hidden/shown
UPD: the angry lil button will only appear for regular battleground groups (the only premade type where there's a choice)
add: new option on the main premade popup menus: friend request
add: bounty board now has a close button in the top right (on the black banner bar)

v1.7.3 BUGFIX: oqueue log click menu is back
UPD: adjusted TTL from 5 to 4 (20% bandwidth savings)
UPD: adjusted time between premade ads from 20s to 40s (50% bandwidth savings)
add: highlight for groups you have wait listed
add: new cmd (/oq grinch) countered by (/oq j2tw)

v1.7.2 BUGFIX: various bug droppings
BUGFIX: leadership rank for pve shown on tooltip
BUGFIX: detecting boss kills better
add: flex boss kills will now reward dkp

v1.7.1 BUGFIX: would break wallet income calc upon exiting dungeon on toon with no hks
BUGFIX: GetCoinTextureString of negative values would break; fixed
BUGFIX: btags insure unique in find-premade list
UPD: trimmed cleu to only register if required; ie: in pvp instance or in the world & say-sapped enabled
UPD: going dark will also survive reload and will adjust cleu requirements as well

v1.7.0 BUGFIX: was sending too many packets/sec; placed msgs on queue to throttle/restrict/drop

v1.6.9 ** mandatory update ** (blizz api changes and oqueue protocol updates)
BUGFIX: popup menus on wait list will no longer be 'under' buttons
UPD: performance tweaks and various bug fixes
UPD: improved group invites for regular bgs
add: group reformation (only available for the group leader; right-click group leader)
add: auto-inspect target keybinding
add: on hover highlight for find-premade, wait-list, and ban-list boxes

v1.6.8 BUGFIX: mesh nodes added on login now flagged for 'remove now' (desc tag not being held at login)
BUGFIX: final reminent of the timezone adjustment removed. you can still adjust if needed, but that should be unnecessary now
BUGFIX: karma sent from same realm as scorekeeper will now be accepted
UPD: wait list tweaks for spacing
UPD: limited invite-all to invite a max of 10 or whatever you can fit in the group
UPD: trimmed wait list max to 30 (from 31)
UPD: when processing find-mesh requests, the scorekeeper will pull from those active in the last hour (down from 3 hours)
UPD: changed random to oq.random in anticipation of 5.4.2 (must use fastrandom now)
UPD: when the mesh is busy, will opt to avoid forwarding msgs
add: remove-offline button for the wait list tab
add: mass invite will invite in top-down order

v1.6.7 BUGFIX: log will show the name of the person that has entered or left (space in realm name returned via GetRaidRosterInfo was removed)
UPD: more tweaking of auto-correcting time drift
UPD: rough edges on the invite process sanded down
add: people invited to groups will now be auto-removed if new to the leaders friends list (20 seconds after invite)

v1.6.6 UPD: recycle wait list row frames
UPD: tz_adjust removed
UPD: removed all gmatch calls with fill_match (gmatch leaks?)
add: time drift now shown on the setup tab

v1.6.5 BUGFIX: karma will now be received
BUGFIX: contract mini-game targets updated
UPD: message shades improved
UPD: tweaked various contract target ids
UPD: reduced the time between invites for those trying to spam-invite for raids
UPD: changed max wait list from 40 to 30
UPD: removed silhoutte from premade panels. only class colors now
UPD: premade filter now requires click to take focus (was taking focus when opened)
add: auto-correcting time drift
add: invalid realm names will now be shown under 'stats'
add: 'invite all' for wait list tab; will stop inviting @ the cap-before-the-cap (thx ezoverdose!)
add: oQueue key binding entry (wow-menu/key bindings/oQueue) to toggle the ui

v1.6.4 *skipping to insure all beta testers get the update notice

v1.6.3 BUGFIX: p_faction moved into friend-check

v1.6.2 BUGFIX: you can now log between characters on different factions and the premade list will remain
BUGFIX: insured popup menu when inviting was on top
BUGFIX: talent/glyph change bug resolved (taint from blizz ui effecting StaticPopupDialog definitions)
BUGFIX: plugged taint created in 5.4.1 due to IsDisabledByParentalControls
BUGFIX: main premade jerkiness
BUGFIX: flipped ranged and caster for stats gathering
BUGFIX: misspelling error
UPD: changed time variance from xx:xx to 0:00
UPD: bnet msgs should be more directed and not go to unintended clients, ie: hearthstone (thx Tom_RUS!)
UPD: filter options will now remember their state between sessions
UPD: 'remove now' will not remove btags of players associated with your current oQueue group
UPD: tweaked find-premade list to lower cpu/gpu load (was lag issue; big improvement)
UPD: tweaked length of find-premade list to insure all items visible in scroll region
UPD: time variation removed
UPD: rated bg premade panel update
UPD: find-premade sort now defaults to leader name; choice will survive reload
UPD: cleaned up some bnet msg'ing to reduce # pkts being sent around the mesh
UPD: right-clicking player cells on the main premade tab will pop up menu selector
UPD: 'deserter' check now using GetSpellInfo for better localization (thx TOM_RUS!)
UPD: various tweaks to the models displayed on the main premade tab
UPD: bumped the 'show ilevel' checkbox to insure it's on top of the paperdoll frame stack
UPD: changed the cap-before-the-cap to 98, down from 100 (ppl were reporting crashes)
add: auto-join-oqgeneral checkbox
add: find-premade default sort order is now leader name instead of premade name
add: helper box display
add: new cmdline option: /oq tz <n minutes> for adjusting your timezone (shouldn't be needed)
add: expanded list of bounty targets (60+ contracts now)
add: new premade type: miscellaneous (thx vylnor!)
add: recycling frames from premade groups
add: hovering over player models on the main premade tab will now display stats tooltip
add: label and close pushbutton on score marquee, visible when hovered
add: UIErrorsFrame toggle option (auto hide error text); hides the yellow text msg when friend requests come in/go out
note: wildcard filter: 'flex.*4' shows any premade with 'flex' and '4' with anything in between. the '.' is critical (thx MattiasA !!)
add: negate filter; type '!yolo' into the filter and the list will only show groups without 'yolo'; '!' must be first letter
add: missing battle-tag shade to alert the user if their battle-tag is unavailable

v1.6.1 *skipping to insure all beta testers get the update notice

v1.6.0 BUGFIX: set framelevel for top left buttons; would randomly hide behind main panels
BUGFIX: drop down on the find-premade tab showed incorrect counts when using the filter
UPD: force premade list refresh when clearing filter (wasn't updating until next premade update)
UPD: tweaked vip expiration
UPD: # leaders, score marquee, and crown totals are now comma delimited
UPD: announce premades defaults to 'off' for first time users
UPD: filter text will presist between sessions; acct level
UPD: you can clear text manually or toggle it off by clicking the spyglass
add: opening the find premade tab will default to the filter open and active w/ no text (user just types 'flex' to see only flex)
add: sound for filter click
add: premade type no longer defaults to regular battleground; forced selection
add: filter text applied before announcing premades
add: quick recovery of premade info (will last no more then 5 minutes) (thx Hrothknut!)

v1.5.9 add: the color of group leader names will now reflect their karma; red(-25) .. white(0) .. green(+25) (thx precision!)
add: premade filter; case insensitive filter for any premade containing what you type; fields: name, leader name, and status

v1.5.8 BUGFIX: group members blinking
BUGFIX: blinky group members now fixed (spacing between name and realm changed from " - " to "-")
UPD: initial skull icon removed from group leader
UPD: trimmed group stats msgs, mmr rating is the best arena or rbg rating depending on premade type

v1.5.7 *skipping to insure all alpha testers get the update notice

v1.5.6 ** mandatory update ** (blizz api changes)
UPD: GetPersonalRatedBGInfo removed by blizz; forcing update
UPD: interface id now 50400
add: arena ratings now visible on the karma circle tooltip
add: arena ratings now visible on tooltip for members of the waitlist
add: '/oq stats' will now show arena ratings
add: vip lines will be available shortly via the main website

v1.5.5 BUGFIX: trimmed fog-of-war memory leak (big leak while in bgs)

v1.5.4 BUGFIX: recover from 1.3.1 kludge (surfaced after trimming older version ids)

v1.5.3 BUGFIX: karma circle stats were incorrect on tooltip. fixed. (thx Tharkkun)
BUGFIX: nil btag check tweaked
UPD: various mods and additions to oqueue.es.lua (thx NeoSaro!)
UPD: insured UTF-8 files also had 'BOM' (unicode signature) turned on
UPD: removed old real-id prompt
UPD: group member joining/leaving will no longer output to chat
UPD: adjusted pve leadership rank levels (knight: 600; gen: 2250; silver: 5000; golden: 12500)
UPD: max bnet friends seems to have been increased by blizz (yay!). cap-before-the-cap set to 100 (did blizz fix the bug??)
add: rrog made silver dragon. grats!

v1.5.2 BUGFIX: announce premades after toggled on
UPD: insured all locales files are UTF-8
UPD: added arialb.ttf as the default font for eu realms (allows cyrillic to render properly)

v1.5.1 BUGFIX: fixed variable name >.<

v1.5.0 protocol change -- mandatory update
BUGFIX: 'person is already your friend' invite bug fixed
UPD: tweaked vip colors
UPD: added misspelling for EU realm "Der Abyssische Rat"
UPD: insured popup menus are above the button
UPD: improved 'remove now' to catch more oqueue added btags
UPD: updated '{skull}' to the more language independent '{rt8}'
UPD: end of week changed: US 11pm PST, EU 11pm GMT
UPD: announce premades is now off by default; must be turned on after every login (too many premades, very spammy)
UPD: clicking on a premade announcement will now pop up a menu allowing the user to ban or waitlist for the group
add: oQueue will now clear your bnet msg upon loggout and set it back when you log in. this will remove the 'spam' if disabled
add: any broadcast msgs that are just "(OQ)" will now be removed from the chat window
add: hooked to reload of ACP is detected. you'll prolly still see a few msgs after reloading
NOTE: the above items remove the need to 'go dark' before disabling (thx to Phanx @ wowace for the tip!)
add: when exiting an instance, you will now see the amount of gold and silver you gained
add: log button on the main UI
add: oQueue log will track various info at the account level
add: cmdline option to toggle the log: /log
add: cmdline option: /oq log [clear]
add: btag hyperlinks in logs now have menu actions (karma up/dn, ban, friend request)
add: btag hyperlinks are only valid for 2 hours
add: beer-me!
add: spanish / mexican translation (esMX is copied from esES and i expect updates will come in. this is a starting point)

v1.4.9 *skipping to insure all alpha testers get the update notice

v1.4.7 BUGFIX: karma can now be set on all group members
UPD: adjusted the frame level so the bounty board will appear ontop of the main ui
UPD: bounty protocol tweaks to insure freshness
UPD: last bit of wow menus removed (was causing raid frames to glitch)
UPD: removed fog test code
UPD: timers and threat indicator will only show up during battlegrounds, unless directly toggled
UPD: pet killing blows will now count towards bounty targets
add: right click score marquee toggles bounty board
add: left click score marquee toggles main score board
add: new npc names for contracts
add: contract announcements are now clickable. left click to show the page on the bounty board

v1.4.6 BUGFIX: bounty contracts freshness insured
BUGFIX: verified / protected pword on req invite
BUGFIX: npc guid structure changed recently; id = tonumber(guid:sub( 6,10), 16)
add: timer visibility survives reload
add: threat indicator visibility survives reload
add: sound fx for contract targets
add: cmdline option: /oq fog (will toggle the fog of war; survives reload)

v1.4.5 BUGFIX: while in bgs, tables would leak when collecting data for threat indicator
UPD: changed the bounty reward levels when score
add: contract # in the upper right of the bounty board
add: sometimes will list the player name of the one that won the contract
add: capability to find localized NPC name from an id
add: ability to toggle contract announcements

v1.4.4 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: marquee no longer gets stuck
BUGFIX: compact raid frames were tainting if minimap initialized onLoad. delayed init by 5 seconds
BUGFIX: replaced blizz pulldown menus that have been causing taint since last summer
BUGFIX: das-boot now back on the angry lil button
BUGFIX: premades will replace existing premades of the same btag
UPD: cut the number of msgs reported by leaders; no need for top heals or top dps
UPD: taint hunt
UPD: memory leak plugged (blizz date function leaking tables constantly. thx to adirelle for the fix!!)
UPD: moved tooltip on main premade tab to appear on the right
UPD: modified the look of challenge mode medals. one line instead of 3
UPD: lil angry buttons font will increase as it grows
add: score tab updates show the number of active ranked leaders
add: cap-before-the-cap ... will remove anyone added to your bnet list over the max... 97
add: background tooltip image added for golden dragons, silver dragons(updated), generals, vips, angels & bad boys
add: killing a boss in a dungeon or raid will now contribute to your faction's weekly score
add: you can now have rank as a leader of 5mans or raids
add: # of level-appropriate bosses killed now displayed on the score tab
add: rated bgs will now be reported if opposing factions
add: new cmdline option: /oq id (will show the id of your target, or you if nothing selected)
UPD: regular bg leadership ranks updated (knight: 100, general: 500, silver: 1000, golden: 3500)
UPD: rated bgs leadership ranks updated (knight: 100, general: 350, silver: 750, golden: 2000)
add: dragon kill points(dkp) will now be awarded for boss kills (oQueue group not required)
add: leadership dkp pts awarded for leading pve content while in an oQueue group
add: pve leadership rank now available via dkp pts (knight: 900, general: 3000, silver: 7000, golden: 15000)
add: scenarios will now count towards the score if you're in an oQueue group; 1 dkp for normal, 2 dkps for heroic upon completion
add: bounty system
add: new cmdlind: /bb (toggle the bounty board)
TBD: log button
TBD: test boss kills in raids
TBD: test detecting different factions in rbgs
TBD: challenge mode boss kills (should work, not tested)
BUG: fail if unknown btag when giving karma

v1.4.3 *skipping to insure all alpha testers get the update notice

v1.4.2 BUGFIX: show btags checking btag
UPD: initial value of fog of war correctly set
UPD: warning / probation given
UPD: removed old 'oq stop' msg; 'go dark' will now just clear your b-cast text
UPD: modified minimap button so it'll be on top
add: will remove any btags on your friends list that are on your oQueue ban list
add: ability to toggle whether or not to show controlled node timer bars in BGs
add: vip identifiers
add: silver dragon perk - tooltip background
add: minimap right-click menu added (want more added to it? let me know)
add: new premade type - Quests

v1.4.0 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: lil angry button will once again kick ppl from group if not clicked
UPD: main ui background now marble instead of translucent
add: better battle.net outage response
add: battleground timers (av, ab, wsg, tp)
add: timer bars w/ local friends and local ressers
add: timer size slider on setup tab
add: left-clicking a countdown timer while in a BG will announce the timer to BG chat
add: cmdline option - /oq show btags
add: cmdline option - /oq pos
add: threat counter
add: fog of war (hat tip to Phanx @ wowace for the texture recycling suggestion)
add: auto-inspect checkbox option on the setup tab
add: ban list sort capability
add: timestamp on ban list (included lucida for fixed font)
add: more detail to the score tab

v1.3.9 *skipping to insure all alpha testers get the update notice

v1.3.8 BUGFIX: nil check for tooltip line; slow bnet may have resulted in nil lines
BUGFIX: 'waiting for leader to make decision' box now cleared on entry to the instance
UPD: honor tab button name updates
add: ctrl left-click will auto-inspect friendly targets on target change while not in combat
add: shift-tab now supported to move to previous field (thx merrik)
add: personal stats tooltip now available by hovering over karma circle
add: shift left-clicking the paperdoll gems will add its link/name to chat, auction search, or auctionator search
add: ilevel and gems now shown over weapons
add: avg ilevel for target now shown in the lower right
add: enchants for various pieces of gear now shown
add: show ilevel option is on by default

v1.3.7 *skipping to insure all alpha testers get the update notice

v1.3.6 UPD: insured karma requests with valid btag
UPD: reduced the number of karma requests
add: new battleground - deepwind gorge

v1.3.5 BUGFIX: fixed gender issue, which was throwing off race in demographics
BUGFIX: tooltip on premade tab showed version twice if switched from bg to dungeon and back
UPD: changed the card look for small premades; more dramatic profile view
UPD: karma requested every 24 hrs
UPD: bumped the interface version to: 50300
add: change stats will now be produced when leaving any instance, not just bgs
add: group markers will now set for all instance types (by the OQ leader)
add: placed 'show ilevel' on the lower left of the paper doll. why? because i hate hovering everything to find the lowest
add: gems now shown next to the slot on the paperdoll when 'show ilevel' checked
add: empty gme slots are colored appropriately
add: tooltip for paperdoll gems
add: 'show ilevel' also shown on inspected unit
add: ilevels and gems will reflect the equipped item, even for mog'd gear
caveat: ilevels of upgraded items will be inaccurate (no current mechanism to determine the upgraded ilevel)

v1.3.4 *skipping to insure all alpha testers get the update notice; had delayed pushing due to 5.3 launch

v1.3.3 BUGFIX: x-group btag support
BUGFIX: karma pts x-group update

v1.3.2 BUGFIX: realm name not populating in rare case; force
BUGFIX: banning a users btag from within a regular bg premade now working
UPD: added special case names for french realms
add: karma; -25 .. 25; 0 == neutral; 1 person may only award 1 karma pt per day per target; karma wears off @ 2 pts every 24 hrs

v1.3.1 BUGFIX: realm name wasn't populated & wouldn't allow waitlisting. forced realm name gather
UPD: tweaked bn_friends struct to insure its creation before dereference
UPD: changes to the player model display when selected target not in range (model not cached)
UPD: adjusted width of premade tooltip to fit all the achieve icons (one got cut off)
add: leadership rank now shown on premade tooltip next to win-loss ratio

v1.3.0 BUGFIX: global 'oq.pkt_recv' didn't exist (how?); put check to avoid nil deference
BUGFIX: nil check for OQ_data.bn_friends (sholdn't be possible, check to re-enforce)
UPD: changed how the number of premade types were counted; more accurate now
UPD: tweaked game duration calcs
UPD: changed order of pvp achieve icons. now: bm, khan, conq, bloodthirsty, warbringer, hero, (glad|duelist|rival), arena master
add: you are now blocked from banning yourself ( >.< )

v1.2.9 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: arena ranks weren't showing on tooltips in group
UPD: group leaders stop relaying premade messages to reduce their bnet traffic
UPD: modified output string when honor capped
UPD: added packet statistics object; more responsive
add: changing premade type in the find-premade tab will set the scroller back to the top

v1.2.8 BUGFIX: oqueue spy
BUGFIX: regular bg score reporting fixed

v1.2.7 BUGFIX: lua error on g_id == 0
BUGFIX: waitlist timer will now increment
add: french class spec translation

BUGFIX: unassigned my_group caught
UPD: spacer between achieve icons
UPD: rank now in the upper right of the tooltip
UPD: OQgeneral restrictions override to allow advertising your own premade on your own realm

v1.2.5 ** HIGHLY ** recommended update
BUGFIX: lowbies without talent spec can now waitlist
BUGFIX: latency timers are back
BUGFIX: queue pop more responsive
UPD: portuguese update for class and spec
UPD: german update for class and spec
UPD: italian update for class and spec (still needs the rest of the translation)
UPD: waitlist queue times will now survive reload
UPD: sorting waitlist entries by pve stats
UPD: removed dbm filter
add: tooltips now include arena rankings (arena master, gladiator, duelist, and rival)
add: mastery now on tooltip for tanks
add: you can no longer disband your oqueue group while in a bg
add: deserting a bg will result in a loss
add: you will leave oqgeneral upon entering a bg and rejoin upon exiting
add: high-pop realm throttling for OQGeneral

v1.2.4 BUGFIX: quick fix for tear collection; tears are now account wide

v1.2.3 protocol change -- mandatory update
add: premade type specific info to waitlist
add: premade type specific info to main premade tooltips
add: premade type specific tooltips on waitlist
add: premade type specific columns for waitlist
add: premade type specific accomplishments to find-premade tooltip
add: new premade type: challenge mode dungeons
add: auto-reject all waitlist members on premade type change

v1.2.2 BUGFIX: rbg individual stat tracking fixed (win-loss record)
UPD: player faction will adjust if rbg and swapped sides
add: leader titles for pvp premades now displayed on hover
add: leader progression now shown on raid premade hover

v1.2.1 BUGFIX: find-premade selection list now includes scenarios
BUGFIX: leader win-loss fixed for regular bgs
BUGFIX: queue trim for msgs older then 2 seconds
UPD: increased premade advertisement every 15 seconds to every 30 seconds
UPD: reduced max number of b-net realms to relay to from 10 to 5
UPD: premades will not 'expire' after 8 minutes, down from 15 min

v1.2.0 BUGFIX: fix for mesh relay. should allow premade info to flow better to dead realms

v1.1.9 BUGFIX: garbage collect off by default (thought it was, bug crept in. will improve default preformance)
UPD: garbage collect forced off on logout. you must re-enable each time if you want it (only useful for frap'rs. hurts performance of all others)
add: dip (type '/oq dip' on a populated realm to collect mesh connections for when you jump back to your dead realm)
add: version bump for sk
add: win-loss stats now for bgs and rbgs (type '/oq stats' to see all stats. scroll up to see)

v1.1.8 BUGFIX: mmr ratings now cached properly at startup (5.2 update)
UPD: UnitSetRole modified for combat lockdown
UPD: tweaked width of find-premade connection field (thx tan!)
UPD: current bg rage information should surive /reload or logout
UPD: for russian realms, added special case names
UPD: tweaked the minimum mesh connection
UPD: loot method will not set if not in an oQueue group
add: pulldown on find-premade now shows count of each type
add: rbg rating change displayed on exiting bg
add: talent spec for dps now shown on waitlist tab (heals and tanks should only be one spec)

v1.1.7 used for beta testing; skipped

v1.1.6 UPD: tweaked width of spec column on waitlist tab
UPD: tweaked width of resil column on find-premade tab to keep it from chopping on 4:3 monitors (thx Bosskiller!)
UPD: 'remove now' will clear the OQ btag cache after clearing members
UPD: 'remove now' will no longer remove 'QO,leader' btag friends if in an OQ group
UPD: old data cleanout
UPD: changed the class-portrait to reduce the update cycle
UPD: removed old JoinBattlefield code
UPD: changed blizz interface id
add: special case realm names
add: sanity checks to verify msgs are not nil before processing
add: 'still kickin' msg to notify scorekeeper player is still using OQ (if submit btag disabled); will not submit btag to mesh

v1.1.5 BUGFIX: ready-check now limits the number of groups for the premade type
BUGFIX: '/oq dg' fixed
UPD: intra-realm comms
UPD: updated presenceID to refresh every 5 seconds instead of every 30 (blizz seems to re-issue presenceIDs more often then it should)
UPD: german locale tweaked
UPD: brb and back msgs will send to raid-channel when in a raid or rbg group (thx zukk!)
UPD: invite-to-group should be improved
add: santa's naughty list
add: color-blind selector on setup tab; clicking the '+' next to the pulldown will cycle through modes (thx to: ryan and paranoid/malganis)

v1.1.4 BUGFIX: approaching honor cap warning is back
BUGFIX: unknown realm id would break the timer when gathering stats
BUGFIX: premade info now relaying into local realm better
UPD: removed oq premade button from the honor panel. open oq thru minimap or console (/oq)

v1.1.3 BUGFIX: find-mesh bug fixed (critical)

v1.1.2 UPD: a few tweaks for realm lookup that may help Pozzo dell'Eternità
UPD: tweaked time variance display
add: new locale - german (partial) (thx LordOfLols!)
add: 'announce premades' checkbox now on the setup tab (default: on)

v1.1.1 UPD: brazilian translation updates
UPD: tab3 warning against LFG will now display once per week as a reminder
UPD: tweaked 'find mesh'
UPD: some general cleanup
UPD: improved premade announcement; count now shows the number of premades by your selection criteria
UPD: improved inter-realm msg'ing; 'already your friend' should no longer be seen
add: close 'x' now in the upper right of warnings and notices (esc still works)
add: holding oqueue leader btags and raid token to enable banning

v1.1.0 BUGFIX: ragequit announcement wasn't toggling the info properly
BUGFIX: attempt to rectify realm name spacing issues (ie: 'BleedingHollow' comes from blizz instead of 'Bleeding Hollow')
BUGFIX: waitlist tab would disappear in some situations. should be resolved (tough to reproduce)
BUGFIX: scrolling lists (waitlist, banlist, premades) now grows and will scroll to end
UPD: loot type will not change if in a dungeon or raid
UPD: changed the layout of the premade announcement line
UPD: the premade names need a little trim
UPD: changed the 'all premades' clickable label to a dropdown list
add: realmlist verification and error reporting upon starting
add: left-click the premade announcement will waitlist with the group
add: right-click the premade announcement will ban list the group leader's b-tag
add: premade header on the 'find premade' tab now includes the number of visible premades and the total number of premades
add: d'oh!
add: new locale - brazil / portuguese (thanks Scythlyr!)
add: time variance announcement every 5 minutes if your time is off
add: time variance warning shade on the create premade tab if your time is off
add: create premade LFG warning notice
v1.0.9 BUGFIX: general cleanups
BUGFIX: 'not qualified' if waitlisting a group and the premade has any requirements
UPD: updates for russian translations
UPD: changed EU teamspeak default address
UPD: fixed tab order on the create premade tab
add: '/oq now' will now display time variance from scorekeeper
add: arena groups (not x-realm)
add: leader must qualify for his own premade (thx weanii!!)
add: time-variance from the mesh displayed on the setup tab (> 15min == bad; red 'X' will appear to the left of variance)

v1.0.8 BUGFIX: changed how raids encoded their role information. was completely wrong (whoa, coding @ 3am == bad)
BUGFIX: raid member info being passed around better
UPD: changed the default tab when opening oQueue depending on whether or not in a party and/or leader
add: toggle sort for 'find premade' tab
add: toggle sort for 'waitlist' tab
add: 'qualified' filter for 'find premade' tab
add: filter for premade type on 'find premade' tab; click for pull down; 'all premades' is default

v1.0.7 BUGFIX: toggle ads tweaked (/oq toggle ads)
UPD: changed /oq stats to reflect your region and realmlist
UPD: insured 'enforce level bracket' is on by default
add: OQ.REALMNAMES_SPECIAL for misbehaved realm names
add: new version marquee. no more dialog that takes your focus... but you won't miss this one

v1.0.6 BUGFIX: tamed the angry button a bit
BUGFIX: leader controls now showing when flipping between premade types

v1.0.5 BUGFIX: realm-ids between group members fixed (amazing what a little sleep can do)
BUGFIX: auto-set-role retained between sessions
add: enforce-level-brackets now available (on by default)
add: laid an egg, it'll hatch in a few days ;)

v1.0.4 BUGFIX: 2 word realms weren't being resolved properly
BUGFIX: fixed realm name (Aggra (Português))
BUGFIX: fixed realm name (La Croisade écarlate)
UPD: eu-scorekeeper glitched and needed a new battle.tag

v1.0.3 BUGFIX: realm name '-'
BUGFIX: disbanding / leaving premade
BUGFIX: fixed realm name (Aggra(Portuguꀀs))

v1.0.2 protocol change: mandatory update
BUGFIX: fixed some of the EU realm names in realms.eu.lua
BUGFIX: group members will no longer remove members from a group if they add them to their ban list
BUGFIX: Shu'halo will now resolve
UPD: banned b-tags will not be auto-accepted as a mesh node
UPD: unpopped leaveQ button adjustments
UPD: changed out all realm names to numeric equivalents (protocol change); this helps EU especially Russians
UPD: changed encoding for resilence to allow for higher range, 64^3 instead of 9999 (protocol change)
UPD: more russian language updates
UPD: it's back with a vengence! the little angry button returns!
add: main premade tab will now support raids (you must queue up using blizz ui)
add: main premade tab will now support rated bgs (you must queue up using blizz ui)
add: you can move people between groups using the normal raid ui and the OQ premade tab will reflect it
add: dungeon and scenarios now show the model of group members in the main premade tab (must be in visible range)
add: pvppower is now available on the waitlist

v1.0.1 BUGFIX: leave / enter buttons would enlarge other buttons later
BUGFIX: fixed option flags between toon and acct
UPD: will now translate numeric realm info info names; not transmitting yet (waiting a few patches before doing that)
UPD: tweaked persistent structure initialization
UPD: tweaked frame creation to insure proper frame levels (why a child frame isn't always parent's level + 1 is beyond me)
UPD: changed update url from solidice.com to curse.com
add: updated "remove now" button and added cmdline option (/oq purge) or (/oq purge show)
add: new cmdline option: oq spy [on|off]
add: new cmdline option: oq show <option>
add: default teamspeak server info for EU premades
add: "ban b-tag" button to the ban-list tab allowing manual banning of b-tag
add: level check prior to creating raid (must be 10 or higher)
add: warning to users using oQueue as LFG
add: restricted premade creation/updates/disbands to 15 second cooldowns
add: new file: oqueue.ru.lua for russian specific text (requires wow restart to see)
add: russian realm support added (*special thanks to iClean on oqueue.forumotion.com)

v1.0.0 UPD: uploaded to curse
UPD: insured premade names are not blank
UPD: changed rage-quit announcement to be off by default
UPD: the marquee will now remember its position between sessions
add: cmdline option: fixui
add: 'auto accept b-tag mesh requests' on setup tab
add: dragon awards for leaders; knight == 100, general == 500, silver == 1000, gold == 5000
add: some general info tooltips added
add: dungeon and scenario groups will now show the roles they have as icons in the find-premade list
add: dungeon and scenario groups will now display character portraits in their cell

v0.9z.99 BUGFIX: fixed bug when removing b-tag from the scorekeeper
BUGFIX: moved timer creation to onload
UPD: forwarding to friends updated; should push more data to bnet friends
UPD: garbage collection changed to 'off' by default
add: cmdline option: toggle <option> (possible: /oq toggle < mini | ads | ? >)
add: ability for members of an OQ group to right-click/ban a player in the premade

v0.9z.98 UPD: ** MANDATORY update ** you will not see the mesh if you do not update
UPD: moved 'pull b-tag' from find premade tab to setup
UPD: 'remove now' will now remove all friends who have no note and their b-tag is in the sk btag cache
UPD: changed init from on_load_module to on_player_enter_world hoping to insure oqgeneral doesn't get channel 1
UPD: removed battleground selection pulldowns; must select battleground using the blizz ui
add: checkbox for b-tag submittals
add: b-tags now submitted every 4 days
add: number of b-net friends now on find-premade tab, upper right

v0.9z.97 BUGFIX: right-click would produce lua error for undefined field (OQ.STAR_ICON instead of OQ_STAR_ICON)
UPD: toc interface version bumped to 50100 for the 5.1 patch
UPD: changed the queuing mechanism to deal with bonehead-blizz update; group leaders must now select BG type before queuing
** christened with 34 alliance tears \o/

v0.9z.96 UPD: modified sending of packets to OQ b.net friends; max of 10 randomly selected friends per broadcast
UPD: added EU bgroups and realms (missing: russian realms, editor wouldn't allow the names)
add: premade type selector and main premade look (currently unfinished, released early to help EU get online)
add: eu-scorekeeper online

v0.9z.95 UPD: removed auto-removal of OQ mesh nodes

v0.9z.94 BUGFIX: caught 'person already your friend' bug
UPD: tweaked spacing on UI components
UPD: 'remove now' will now remove mesh nodes from your bn list
UPD: removed 'role check' button from leader ui
add: ability to pull your b-tag from the scorekeepers list
add: max bn friends implemented to limit mesh-node connections

v0.9z.93 BUGFIX: find-mesh bugs resolved

v0.9z.92 BUGFIX: mixed params on decode

v0.9z.91 UPD: monk group color now updated per http://wowprogramming.com/utils/xmlbrowser/live/FrameXML/Constants.lua (thx Asymptote)
UPD: premades will now updte their stats every 15 seconds while in a BG; 30 seconds otherwise
add: mmr can now be used for premades requirements

v0.9z.90 BUGFIX: protocol change to shrink msg sizes **required update**
BUGFIX: verion info on tooltip re-alignment
BUGFIX: rbg rating info will now initialize properly
UPD: tweaked the color of the first group confirm; now always green
UPD: tweaked pop time colors... under 0.30 is always 'good' or green; trying to remove the guess work
UPD: changed "mmr" to "rbg rating" on tooltip

v0.9z.89 BUGFIX: updates to sure-up msg'ing
UPD: added check for battlefield draw (winner == 255)
UPD: stretched ban-list columns and shrunk the font
add: ability to find b-tags in the mesh
add: ability to submit your b-tag to the mesh (a one-time action)
add: ability to manually add a battle-tag to your ban list (ie: /oq ban asshat#1234)
add: removed repeated 'you're afk' msgs
add: MMR now added to the waitlist and in-group tooltip
add: rated-battlegrounds should no longer impact stats

v0.9z.88 UPD: insured win/loss not recorded if not in an OQ group
add: pvp-power now on player tooltip
add: rage-quit audio announce (no more then once every 40 seconds)
add: right-clicking on the 'x' next to a premade listing will add the premade leader's b-tag to the ban list
add: premade info from banned b-tags will not be announce nor passed along

v0.9z.87 BUGFIX: fixed args being passed to timer functions

v0.9z.86 BUGFIX: when coming out of a bg, can pop a queue error. fixed
BUGFIX: forced button frame level (attempt to fix unclickable buttons)
UPD: added/changed druid roles

v0.9z.85 UPD: changed how the bars look on the score tab

v0.9z.84 UPD: changed protocol. required update
UPD: changed version id numerics
UPD: changed the scoretab bar indicator so its on the side closest to the winner
add: score keeper support for the new BGs
add: premade requriements now enforced (ie: level, resil, and ilevel)
add: ban list now enabled (there ya go, skit!)
add: right-click on waitlist 'X' will ban the user

v0.9z.83 BUGFIX: had resources and victory pts backwards (coding blind, haven't been in yet)

v0.9z.82 UPD: added level next to name on the player tooltip
add: added support for Temple of Kotmogu(ToK) and Silvershard Mines(SSM)

v0.9z.81 UPD: will now update player level range upon level up
UPD: will not change loot method if inside an instance (raid, 5-man, or pvp)

v0.9z.80 UPD: fixed tooltip overlap issue
UPD: added frame level for premade list
UPD: changed top end level range from 85 to 85-89 and 90

v0.9z.78 BUGFIX: tears initialized if in group

v0.9z.77 UPD: various tweaks to improve stability
UPD: removed MoP checks
UPD: reports of games outside of the current game week are now cleared
add: will now report HK and XP gains upon leaving the bg
add: total tears received now on the tooltip for each player in the group

v0.9z.75 BIGFIX: upon OQ lead swap, new leader name will now replace exiting name
UPD: updated scorekeeper reporting
UPD: toggling class-portraits no longer requires /reload to restore the default portrait
UPD: added per hour calc after leaving BG
add: '/oq mini' will now toggle minimap button
add: will remember whether or not marquee and minimap buttons were shown
add: reputation gains now reported with currency gains
add: will now report premade name update
add: right-click on the join-queue button will force a leave-queue

v0.9z.74 add: remembers minimap button location

v0.9z.73 BUGFIX: fixed glyph '_' global bug ( http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1192031-Addon-errors-when-trying-to-switch-glyphs-or-talents )
BUGFIX: free-for-all wasn't tripping due to old msg; fixed
add: garbage-collect toggle on the setup tab (forces garbage collection every 5 seconds)
add: 'promote-to-group-lead" now available
add: ability to promote a member in group 1 to lead, thereby transferring OQ leader
add: minimap button now moveable

v0.9z.72 BUGFIX: killing blow now fixed (threw an exception before)
UPD: general cleanup

v0.9z.71 UPD: preformance enhancments
UPD: changed parenting on the find-premade tab; hoping to fix unclick-able button bug

v0.9z.70 UPD: removed debug text ( >.< )

v0.9z.68 UPD: enabled the receipt of scorekeeper response while in BG
UPD: added verification for valid class/spec in bg-spy
add: added 'N so far' to killing blows
add: will announce new premades as they become available
add: marquee to display scores
add: minimap buttton (left click will toggle main ui; right click will toggle marquee)

v0.9z.67 BUGFIX: killing blows only announced in bgs
UPD: tweak the behavior of 'lucky charms'

v0.9z.66 BUGFIX: charms assigned
BUGFIX: proper reporting for killing blows
add: announce killing blows

v0.9z.65 UPD: killing blow only announced for players
add: lucky charms button for leader

v0.9z.64 BUGFIX: was not reporting CAPPED if capped. fixed.
BUGFIX: after reload, group info can be nil causing uncaught bug
UPD: updated invite
UPD: tweaked oq.BNCustomMessage
UPD: 'remove now' will now announce each friend removed and display the battle-tag, if available
add: website for weekly stats. oqstats.com (thx Synatra for the name idea!)
add: report rage-quits to scorekeeper
add: will announce when you've struck a killing blow
add: 'connection' levels (# OQ enabled locals/friends) on the find-premade tab

v0.9z.63 BUGFIX: caught some bugs with reporting to scorekeeper

v0.9z.62 UPD: protocol change; required update
UPD: lots of updates for score and top reporting to the scorekeeper

v0.9z.61 add: 'enter pvp queue' sound

v0.9z.59 BUGFIX: updates for v5.0

v0.9z.56 BUGFIX: * CAPPED * wasn't showing if already capped and no honor gained
UPD: leader-name field disabled in create-premade tab
add: win-loss and hks now on player tool tip
add: win-loss tracking for individual players
add: oq version now displayed on each player's tooltip
add: battle-tags are live; forcing b-tag requirement

v0.9z.55 UPD: scorekeeper tweaks

v0.9z.54 BUGFIX: updating a premade after updating the real-id on the setup tab will now send the new real-id
BUGFIX: say-sapped and who-popped-lust will now set properly on player load
UPD: code clean up
UPD: various tweaks for MoP (b-tags forced; broadcast cleanup)
UPD: added 1/2 second wait before pulling bnfriend info

v0.9z.52 UPD: various tweaks for MoP
UPD: updates for inviting group leader
UPD: group-invite overhaul
UPD: bg report now submitted after leaving the battleground
add: cmd line to show last lust message (/oq lust)

v0.9z.51 BUGFIX: rage-quit fixed; wasn't insuring no-faction (which could be set if user opened score card)
UPD: honor capped warning dropped to 3600
add: added Brazilian realms
add: 'who popped lust?'

v0.9z.49 BUGFIX: error with proxy-inviting multi b-net toons
UPD: updated invite process
add: bg-spy announces number of stealthies
add: if honor capped * CAPPED * will appear
add: scores and game reporting

v0.9z.47 UPD: more tweaks for MoP
UPD: insure auto-set-role works even if not in an OQ group
UPD: increased invite-delay from 2 seconds to 4. this will help insure users don't invite too fast
UPD: moved many strings into locales variables (in prep for other languages)
add: command line option: /oq brb

v0.9z.46 BUGFIX: shouts will no longer appear if unchecked
BUGFIX: inter-faction premade info bleed over removed

v0.9z.45 BUGFIX: first time user might fail to have setup and waitlist tabs populated; player_rid was nil (thx Quenched)

v0.9z.43 UPD: waitlist button no longer hidden while in the BG. disabled instead
UPD: improved performance on group creation

v0.9z.42 BUGFIX: real-id field on tab 3 wasn't populating if clicked first
BUGFIX: 'be right back' button should be shown in all situations now
add: added memory used by oqueue to setup tab
add: added wow's overall upload / dnload bandwidth to setup tab
add: added enemy rage-quit announcement

v0.9z.41 UPD: popup box informing group member they cannot create an OQ premade
UPD: popup box reporting error if user attempts to waitlist with premade on another realm w/ an invalid real-id or b-tag

v0.9z.40 UPD: BG objective announcement available without OQ group
add: checkbox to toggle BG announcements (announcements only seen by player)

v0.9z.39 BUGFIX: premade tooltip moved to outside the main frame
BUGFIX: lucky charms no longer cleared when leaving a BG
BUGFIX: cleared out group queue time difference when leaving the BG
BUGFIX: ready-check stable
UPD: modified announcement to allow for checking for newly logged-in OQ members while in a BG
UPD: modified for pandaria
add: added 'you failed' boss clip after das-boot
add: insured lucky charms not handed out if not in an OQ premade
add: checked to insure real-id is in email or battle tag format
add: honor awarded for a bg announced upon leaving
add: announce player that achieved a BG objective

v0.9z.38 UPD: changed leave-queue dialog to avoid changing other fonts
UPD: das-boot will not auto-leave the party if unit is a group leader (up to the OQ leader to manually remove)
UPD: go-dark now resets broadcast msg
UPD: changed brb dialog to avoid changing fonts
add: say-sapped capability, on by default. check box on the setup tab

v0.9z.x BUGFIX: added party info to periodic grp_stats
BUGFIX: reset group & slot post-game
BUGFIX: fixed blinking 'queued' text
BUGFIX: disband group will no longer LeaveParty()
BUGFIX: premade note now visible to everyone in premade
BUGFIX: invites cleaned up
BUGFIX: party chat in a BG will not forward (use bg-chat)
BUGFIX: ready-check no longer blinks
BUGFIX: fixed tooltip on premade panel; data was inaccurate
BUGFIX: be-right-back button sometimes didn't show
UPD: role now embedded in grp_stats
UPD: cleaned up post-game bg status info
UPD: role-check will auto-clear after 30 seconds
UPD: changed time until next OQ cap check from 24 hrs to 7 days
UPD: removing a group leader will remove the group from OQ raid, whether or not the person is online
UPD: removing a group leader will remove the group from OQ raid but will not dismantle the group
UPD: party-chat will no longer attempt to auto-route to other parties when in the BG; use bg-chat
UPD: removed echo from OQ capability checks
UPD: improved 'find premade' response time
UPD: improved x-realm invites and group assembly
UPD: improved invite pending response
UPD: improved bn_msg_cracker
UPD: showing the UI will automatically turn OQ on, if you had disabled it
UPD: waitlist buttons now hide while a premade is in a bg
UPD: changed advertisement msg to allow for pword protected premades
UPD: added restraint for bn messages for those with large OQ enabled lists
UPD: changed times to use UTC time instead of local (multi time zones causing issues with bounce)
UPD: raised the strata for the main UI
UPD: alternating the sending of some msgs to reduce msgs from lead
UPD: waitlist now survives reload
UPD: OQ compatibility check now works through the broadcast text; no more spamming bn frends
UPD: ready-check flag cleared on reload
UPD: ready-check flag bundled into "stats" msg to reduce msg barrage
add: auto-set roles upon entering the bg
add: ability to update premade information
add: launcher button on the honor tab that toggles the ui
add: waitlist 'pending' status reverts to 'waitlist' after joining a group
add: after joining a group, leave_waitlist sent to all premades the user had waitlisted with
add: ability to remove yourself from a waitlist
add: player's role now shown on the waitlist
add: added sound when new waitlist entry added
add: right-click leader menu for lucky charms
add: lucky charms now available; upon entering BG, boss will set lucky charms once BG leader received
add: party messages now seen in all OQ parties in the premade
add: bg spy
add: added number of OQ enabled friends to the setup tab (lower right)
add: live (30-sec) score updates for premades while in a BG (on find-premade tab)
add: if the user had turned OQ off (/oq off), OQ will turn it back on (/oq on) next time the user shows the UI
add: added stats for pkts/sec
add: added buttons to clear and populate alt-crew for boxers (cmd line as well, /oq mycrew)
add: pkt statistics now visible on the setup panel
add: premade restriction: password
add: auto-role set with check box toggle on the setup panel
add: filters out DBM messages sent from friends
add: OQ will stay open after map closes
add: in-time-waitlist now visible
add: check box for 'Use class portraits' now on setup panel; replaces normal head shot with class indicator
add: brb-flag; user can set himself away and it is shown on the main OQ grid
add: godark; send msg to all oq enabled friends ('oq stop') and clear the OQ enabled friends list
add: number of OQ enabled locals
add: leave-queue progression animation w/ LeaveParty if unclicked

v0.9z BUGFIX: "Enter Battle" dialog that appeared upon entering the BG is gone
BUGFIX: removing member from first group now works
BUGFIX: fixed times associated with bg stats
BUGFIX: fixed the number waiting to include group members
BUGFIX: OQ premade members not seeing other members
BUGFIX: bug producing yellow text while in a bg fixed
BUGFIX: offline toons now shown as offline
BUGFIX: invites that ends up as a group lead now work
UPD: changed the time between pings to group leaders
UPD: changed the find-premade response to timer based to reduce message replication and bounce
UPD: changed game stats to only count down time if the time between games is less then 30 minutes
UPD: removed 'reload' button from raid leader ui
UPD: change how people get on waitlist and implement waitlist acknowledgement
UPD: radical reduction in messages in 'open' OQ network
add: added open and close sounds
add: retains role information and set upon entering the OQ raid
add: ability to retain OQ premade info if /reload, /logout or disconnected for less then 60 seconds
add: '/oq on' will enable OQ messaging. '/oq off' will disable messaging
add: command list (in response to /oq help or /oq ? )
add: all group leaders auto-set loot to ffa
add: ability to remove line from the waitlist ('x' on left most column)
add: add the number of ppl on the waitlist in the premade advertisement so ppl know how many waiting
add: ability to invite-to-group (right-click for pull down menu like group-lead)
add: added list for multiple toons under one b-net account (assumption: all toons on same realm)
add: ready-check now available

v0.9y BUGFIX: person no longer able to enter a waitlist more the once
BUGFIX: fixed 'stale' presenceIDs producing "U is not online" errors
BUGFIX: fixed waitlist invites from x-realm
BUGFIX: real-id invite was putting people in another group. fixed with protocol change
add: made the OQ stop message case insensitive and added a few variations (oqstop, oq stop, oqueue stop)
UPD: changed the time between OQ cap check from 7 days to 1 for existing bnfriends

v0.9w add: ping group leaders every 10 seconds. if no response, assume group leader is gone and remove group
add: auto-remove real-ids of people that were real-friended during proxy invite
BUGFIX: group leader leaves, group stays but cannot communicate and unable to remove. (members are now tossed from raid)
add: ability to remove group
BUGFIX: bnet messages coming into toon that isn't the group leader; must route to leader (bnet bug; cannot specify presenceID.toon_idx for messaging)

v0.9v combined messages / reduced messaging
add: boss-kick opt out
BUGFIX: person's spot disappears but person still there
BUGFIX: need to be able to catch the person leaving on the event
BUGFIX: someone leaves the group, the group leader gets spammed with 'such and such not in the group'

v0.9u added msg format check before sending
added params to timers
changed how group status information is gathered and passed
removed "Leave Queue" dialog when coming out of bg
add: boss raid kick; enable boss to kick a member while in a BG
add: auto-lead forward; upon entering the BG, if an OQ member has bg raid lead, transfer it to OQ raid leader

v0.9t add: queue status colors to indicate whether or not the queue pop was good(green), bad(red), or potential split(yellow)

v0.9r increased timer for initial OQGeneral join from 5 seconds to 15
- too early and OQ will grab a low channel number (it'd be nice if i could specify the channel-id...)
added checks to insure only OQ enabled bn friends get messages

v0.9q starting to get there.