Game: World of Warcraft (6.2)
Updated: 03/26/16 04:27 am
Version: 0.1.8
MD5: 36ddbb5eac9fce007c2d2b9d5ea747b5
Monthly Downloads: 5
Total Downloads: 4,352
Created: 03/05/14
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License: all rights reserved

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v0.1.8 UPD: interface number
UPD: initial description

v0.1.7 UPD: tweaked version for WOD
UPD: bug fix relating to WOD

v0.1.6 UPD: tweaked for 6.0

v0.1.5 UPD: mystery hidding bug on model change
add: '/om always' will keep the mouse always on

v0.1.4 UPD: added more to reset_defaults

v0.1.3 UPD: removed timer mechanism and used OnUpdate directly
add: new models; 0 - 18. model 0 is the default square

v0.1.2 BUG: would stay on if combat-only and left combat
add: command line options: anytime, combat, 0, 1

v0.1.1 add: models
add: more command line options

v0.1.0 first release
cursor hilight for those times you lose your mouse in all the excitement