Game: World of Warcraft (6.2)
Updated: 03/26/16 04:31 am
Version: 2.0.5
MD5: 530778dd9c1268923fd0b84737b6c577
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Total Downloads: 4,621
Created: 03/05/14
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v2.0.5 UPD: interface number update

v2.0.4 BUGFIX: initialization bug fixed

v2.0.3 BUGFIX: bool and number compare (related to GetCheck/SetCheck change). thx Harry!

v2.0.2 UPD: wow 6.0.2 changed the value used with GetCheck and SetCheck from 1 or 0 to true or false

v2.0.1 UPD: changed toc version for 6.0.2

v2.0.0 BUGFIX: was incorrectly reporting gold retrieved from mailbox if disabled

v1.9.9 BUGFIX: insured gold sent to the right destination (specified recipient sending gold out; unconfirmed, shored up incase)

v1.9.8 BUGFIX: removing items now works
UPD: changed blizz interface id

v1.9.7 UPD: increased the number of cells for Tan from 8x8 to 8x10 (feelin' like i did more!!)

v1.9.6 UPD: tremove_val changed to table.remove

v1.9.5 UPD: updated toc version info

v1.9.4 BUGFIX: 5.1 change required on gear

v1.9.3 BUGFIX: updates for weird button issues

v1.9.2 BUGFIX: fixed glyph '_' global bug ( )

v1.9.1 UPD: updated for pre-MoP

v1.9 BUGFIX: empty dest on first time use

v1.7 add: tooltip on hover over

v1.6 add: 'esc' will now close
add: data is now realm.faction specific
add: gold-line
bug: made sure item textures always show
add: mailbox will automatically jump to the send mail page upon open
add: mailbox will automatically jump to the inbox when oMail cycle completes