ah, ok. thx for the reply, I guerss I'll stop fiddling with it then =)
Cheers that helped alot. 

next question =P

Ihavent dualboxed sinse the accounts got started. I have 2 wow accounts on 1 account. how do I set it up so I get the right information in both windows, (both the email and the username in the dropdown). I messed around with it but I cant seem to get it right, nor the information to stick in the settings... 

Keyclone - maximizer

So my next issue with getting back to dualboxing is here... I can't get the windows to tile propperly. Both instances of wow opens and the broadcasting seems to woork fine, but both windows opens up in the centre of my screen.

I have the "auto add windows titled" [world of warcraft] and the "exact match" checked under the general tab. 

Under the commands tab I have the first instance set to region1.1 and the second set to region 1.2

Under the maximiser tab I have the the "enable maximizer" box checked and I have 2 regions set up via the the "2 region split screen" button to the right one named region 1.1 and one named 1.2 
I have the in game resolution set to 1920x1080 on both (same as in the wow client). 

Did I miss out on anything? I've been looking on a couple of setup guides on the tube but cant find what I'm doin wrong. 

was just about to answer with the old "ofc I checked my spam folders bla bla..." and then I found a spam folder I didn't know about, problem seem to be solved =) =) 
thx for the help! 

I've tried to transfer, when i click transfer i get a message to check my email, but i don't recieve any mail... 

any thoughts ?
thx for the reply, will try it out. 

the error message was from the  "Apps >Keyclone" page there is a link to send you a message, the error message shows up after sendeing the message.

Keyclone Serial

I just reinstalled keyclone after not being active for queite a while. When I start the software I get a popup saying my license has expired with a serial predefined. It is not my serial, and I cant change it. How do I fix this?

I tried to contact Tiny via the mail link on the keyclone page but I got this error message: "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 't enter the correct license key. SIKC-O1NQ-ZJNT-BCB1-TGO7 is predefined followe' at line 1... "

so not sure the message got through, also the contacts page is empty =)