Multiple licence question

Hi, I just upgraded my pc and transfered keyclone no issue (smooth process!), I am thinking of getting a second licence for my desktop system - can I use the same paypal account or do I need a seperate paypal account for it?

Its been 24 hours, licence not yet activated. I have found a workable alternative and will seek a refund.

WARNING - this software seems to be currently unsupported, I would not recommend anyone attempts to by a licence as you will have your money taken and get nothing (at least for days, possibly forever). II will update this if I get a licence/refund.

Time to activate

Hi all, anyone have any experience/thoughts on this? I bought a licence an hour ago ish with paypal. Still says licence expired when I run the keyclone exe, how long do I need to wait before I get annoyed at wasting my time and money?