Why is oQueue constantly removing any target marker icon from me

With oQueue enabled, any time I (or someone in my group) puts a target icon on me it's instantly cleared off every time. Soon as I disable the oQueue addon, this behavior stops. I see no documentation of such a "feature," nor a setting to turn it on or off. What gives?
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OQ causing drops

So ever since Blizzard made their change with addon APIs communicating with each other over Battle.Net (and OQ was subsequently updated to reflect the change), I've been getting frequently disconnected from the service, causing all my Battletag and Real ID buddies to vanish from my friends list. It reconnects eventually, but when it does, it causes a HUGE lag spike (similar to the one encountered when entering a different zone, as caused by CRZ). I have just determined OQ is the culprit - by disabling it, I experience no disconnections. Re-enabling it causes the drops again. Disabling it a second time fixes it, until I enable it again a second time and Battle.Net cuts out constantly.

What gives? This addon has been nothing but a headache for me. First it completely erases everyone from my friends list, after which I had to hunt down all the people I need (and some I'll never be able to find again). Now I can't even talk to them cause oQueue is sending so many requests around so quickly that it's causing my client to drop from the service. I've never seen such a good idea with such a shitty implementation.