Mouse Problems

Hi and thanks for a great product. 

After being away from Multiboxing for years, I've recently rediscovered the joy, but I am experiencing some issues with the mouse. 

I am running the latest version of KeyClone available for download, (1.9o) and play only on a single computer. 

My problems are the following: 

1: When I switch screens, it takes some time for the mouse to react on that window, so I have to click several times for it to have any effect. Also, on one of the windows, the mouse pointer does not match the position on screen right away. 

2: I have some hotkeys bound to the mouse. F10 right sideways wheel, F11 left sideways wheel and F12 "window change button", which I use for different things in the game. These don't work, along with mouse buttons 4 and 5 on the side of these mouse.. 
It appears that KeyClone deactivates my mouse app, as it doesn't seem to transmit these "Extra" buttons at all. 

My mouse is a Logitech M705 Wireless mouse with Logitech software for settings.


Any feedback would be appreciated.