Hey thanks for the responses. Now I know :)

Who is this guy?

Maybe this is a bit off topic but I don't know where else to post this. I have a question regarding this dude:

Can anyone tell me who he is or what his story is? I see him being used as an emoticon in some Twitch streams chat as well as in several memes. Or is it just a random guy who got memed?

Not sure but I think I had it with multiple random people which I picked from browsing the arena tab (as member). I'll check next time if there was a bg group greated instead of arena. Thanks for all your nice work btw.
Button is there for sure :) I was a member

Enter button arena's in 1.9.4


A while ago oQueue had a red enter button for arena's but luckily that got removed. In 1.9.4 (probably due to deserter changes) the enter button is back. Could you please please remove it from arena's? Because it's so annoying.