I dumped the BNET client a while ago and I'm still having this issue quite often. There's absolutely something funky going on. If you say you've seen it happen non-oQueue, that's interesting. I wonder what's going on.
I've started to run into this problem quite a bit over the last few days.

- not using BNET app at all
- seems to happen only after flipping between multiple toons
- sometimes on the 2nd toon I log in with, sometimes on the 6th toon
- never happens on the 1st toon I've logged into that session
- hard restart fixes it every time
- I almost always have a series of of filters set, rarely is my premade list the full set of all available games

I can't quite replicate it 100% of the time though.

Which character sheet edits do you mean? There are checkboxes to remove the ilevel/gem/enchant stuff, as well as the PVP/PVE colors.
What about being able to set a custom pulse interval for one particular premade that you're watching.

Say I want to waitlist for a group, but they turn-around so quickly that I can't click Waitlist before they're already in their next dungeon/arena/bg/etc.

What's the pulse at now? 30 seconds? What if I could change it, for just one premade (so as to not overload things) to 5 seconds?

This is probably ridiculous - just tossing out pipe dreams.
Filtering is one of the most powerful things in oQ. Love it to death.
Note when you lose 1 karma point for decay as opposed to being down-voted.

- You've lost 1 karma point (decay)

That might make it more clear. Although then you'd have people asking what decay is lol.
Locally saved filter sets would be cool.

I have some complicated filtering setup when I want to look for RBG's, Raids, etc. Different combos of voice, location, premade type, and text filters.

Example - turn off everything except Arenas, set novoice, text filter for "3", and put a check in qualified to find 3's yolo premades that I'm qualified for.

I'd like to be able to setup my filters, and "save" it as a set, giving it my own name. Then it could appear on the "all premades" pulldown menu in a custom section. Kind of like armor-sets but with filter options.

If that makes any sense.
I think Targit had a way to reproduce this bug. There was a post on the facebook group in the last week or two where he mentions it. I took a quick look but couldn't find it.

Of note, I've run into this same bug myself, and a reloadui always fixes it. For me, it seemed to happen when flipping between toons, which makes me think it's something to do with how the list is cached.