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Player Combo Points

Created: 10/18/14 - Downloads: 24 - Monthly Downloads: 0
Do you play a rogue (or a Feral Druid)? Are you mad that you can't see your combo points without a target? Are you mad that you can't track the out of combat decay of combo points? Download this thing. No config, no hassle. Download and go. (Also tracks Anticipation!) Stay up to date with this and my other addons here


Created: 10/31/14 - Downloads: 12 - Monthly Downloads: 0
Config menu: /pui or /powerui - Profile menu can be found under the addon tab in the Interface settings of your game client. Official UI of Sativamonk/SusejFTW Now includes a configuration menu and profiles, for easy saving and reloading of your favorite setups. - What does PowerInterface do? PowerInterface, in itself, is not a true UI addon, but rather a modification of the basic WoW UI. It...