After further testing, I have determined that the only thing I needed to do was use task manager to close RazerIngameEngine.exe


I closed some Razer processes running in the background (any that were not the main synapse process) as well as one for a wireless gamepad receiver, that were apparently interfering, and that fixed everything.

keyclone - maximizer broken?

Tried to multibox again with keyclone for the first time after WoD launch, and apparently the maximizer has stopped working.

All the wows just launch on the main monitor as if they had been launched without any maximizer settings.

I don't know if something has happened to my settings, or if WoW changed the stuff the maximizer used in order to function.

I have tried completely remaking all my commands and maximizer settings, as well as launching keyclone as administrator.

I have tried using the setup wizard, but that apparently doesn't like resolutions of 1920x1080, and didn't fix anything anyway.

I have tried importing my old settings, but since keyclone now insists my second monitor is display 5 instead of 2, they no longer work.

I have tried setting the maximizer to only have one region and have that be on the other display, and then launching only a single wow, but even then it still launched on the main monitor like nothing happened.

Please Tiny, what am I missing? I want to be able to multibox again without resorting to other software.