Raffle Information

Getting Started:

All you have to do is register for a SolidICE account, and link your WoW characters to your account from your profile. Once you have registered for a free SolidICE account you will be given a one time free raffle ticket. After this free ticket, you can obtain additional tickets by simply playing World of Warcraft.

Please note: you must log out of World of Warcraft for us to access your updated character statistics.

Accumulating Tickets:

Users can most basically accumulate tickets by linking their WoW characters here on SolidICE, then playing WoW as they normally would.

The activities which reward points can be found in the next post.

When you are done playing WoW for the day, or for a session, log into the site, go to solidice.com/users/profile/raffles and press the check score button.

We will pull your stats from the WoW armory and award points based on your activities.

Once you have acucmulated 100 points, press the claim ticket button on the same page.

*Pleae note that if you accumulate more than 100 points, you will only be eligible for 1 ticket, so the more you check your score, the better.

Also, please read this thread for info on Battle.net armory complications: solidice.com/forums/544/topic/score-never-updateing

Entering Raffles:

You are able to simply enter a raffle by pressing the submit ticket button at the bottom of every raffle.

Submission Limit:

Each raffle has a limit to the number of tickets which may be submitted by any one person. This limit differs from raffle to raffle and is depicted by the blue progress bar located towards the bottom of each each raffle. Once the bar is full, no more tickets may be entered for that user.

Participation Requirement:

Each raffle has a requirement for the minimum number of users who must participate before a raffle drawing will commence. This requirement is depicted by the green progress bar towards the top of the raffle listing. Once the bar is full and the participations requirement met, the drawing date is computed, and the countdown will begin.

Drawing Countdown:

Each raffle has a countdown time. Once the participation requirement has been reached, the drawing countdown will begin counting down to the drawing time. Each raffle will normally have a countdown time of 7, 14, or 30 days in length. Raffles which have a longer drawing countdown can be expected to have prizes which are greater in value. Raffles are currently expected to be drawn on or around 4:20pm on their drawing date.

Winner Selection:

On the date and time of the raffle drawing, a winner will be randomly choosen from the pool of raffle tickets entered into the raffle. This winning ticket will be decided using the following procedure:

  1. Generate a seed based off stock from public companies.
  2. Burn a random number of tickets.
  3. Select n number of random tickets from submission pot where n = # of burn tickets + 1
  4. Declare the nth+1 ticket to be the winner
  5. Select 1st and 2nd runner up using same procedure

Winners will be notified via email and on site private message. Should a winner fail to claim their prize in a yet to be determined amount of time, a runner up may be chosen.

Prize Selection:

Raffles can be expected to have from 1 - 3 available prizes. Once a winner is selected, the winner will be able to select a prize of their choice from the given raffle choices. Delivery method of the prize is to be determined and may vary from raffle to raffle Should the prize be a physical item, the winning participant will be required to provide shipping destination information, otherwise, a prize may be claimed via the raffle prizes tab in your profile.

Any and all information contained in this post is subject to change without notice.

Activities which reward points:

*Each activity is worth a different amount of points. We will not disclose these #'s.

Rated & Normal Battle Ground Wins:

  • Alterac Valley
  • Isle of Conquest
  • Temple of Kotmogu
  • Deepwind Gorge
  • Twin Peaks
  • Warsong Gulch
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Strand of the Ancients
  • Arathi Basin
  • Silvershard Mines
  • Battle for Gilneas

Arena Wins:

  • 2v2
  • 3v3
  • 5v5

Boss kill difficulties:

  • LFR
  • 10-player normal
  • 25-player normal
  • 10 player heroic
  • 25 player heroic
  • Flex


  • Stone Guard kills
  • Feng the Accursed kills
  • Gara'jal the Spiritbinder kills
  • Four Kings kills
  • Elegon kills
  • Will of the Emperor kills
  • Imperial Vizier Zor'lok kills
  • Blade Lord Ta'yak kills
  • Garalon kills
  • Wind Lord Mel'jarak kills
  • Amber-Shaper Un'sok kills
  • Grand Empress Shek'zeer kills
  • Protectors of the Endless kills
  • Tsulong redemptions
  • Lei Shi redemptions
  • Sha of Fear
  • Jin'rokh the Breaker
  • Horridon
  • Council of Elders
  • Tortos
  • Megaera
  • Ji-Kun
  • Durumu the Forgotten
  • Primordius
  • Dark Animus
  • Iron Qon
  • Twin Consorts
  • Lei Shen
  • Immerseus defeated
  • Fallen Protectors
  • Norushen's test passed
  • Sha of Prid
  • Galakras
  • Iron Juggernaut
  • Dark Shaman
  • General Nazgrim
  • Malkorok
  • Spoils of Pandaria
  • Thok the Bloodthirsty
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse
  • Paragons of the Klaxxi
  • Garrosh Hellscream


  • Quests completed


  • Pet Battles won at max level
  • Challenge mode dungeons completed

Reserved 2

Reserved 3

Who won the last raffle? There was never a name where it said a ticket has been pulled. I would like to know, because i placed a ticket into the raffle. It would be cool to post that and keep up to date each week. You should also add raffles that will sometimes give away gold on a server. That might attract a lot of attention for your website. Hope you take my advice in, and please do get back to me about who the winner was for the last raffle.

The winner was declared in a post:


I doubt they can offer gold, probably against ToS.

As jen mentioned we normally announce the winner in a forum post.

But I can probably also modify the raffles pages to show the winner right there on the page.

But I can probably also modify the raffles pages to show the winner right there on the page.

I like this system, I know before you changed the site it used to do this.

The forum post adds a nice personal touch though, so we can congratulate them :D

I have a question about the score % to get raffle tickets
So my friend and i are doing 2vs2 arena battles.
Hes Getting 15% each arena win while im only getting 5% for each Arena win.
How come ?

Heads up for anyone raiding and looking for ticket progress:

As you already noticed, the Raid Progress feature has been removed from the Armory for now. This is not a bug, it was intended as we decided to rework the feature, so don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time before it will return

Source: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12534713394?page=1#6

(I guess this may or may not include boss kill counts, who knows...)

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