Score Never Updateing

For about 4 days When i go to Check My score for Tickets It stays @ 0% im not sure what the problem is I cleared 13/14 Normal Soo over thos days and still nothin:(

There have been some real disruptions with the Armory these past 2 weeks with getting DDOS'd.

An example, this character here: Billymayys, has been naked for several days in game, however on the armory it shows him as wearing his gear still. This shows that the armory is not updating when you log out.

When the armory bugs out like this it makes it impossible for us to track progress as your armory hasn't updated.

You can check your characters by doing the same thing. Change some gear or remove all their gear, then log out and see if their armory updates.

Lol that reply had NOTHING to do with the problem.

He was asking about the score not his stupid armory!

On that note mine is stuck at 0% when i just finished 5 raids.


We track your WoW characters progress by using the WoW Armory API, if the API does not return the correct #'s, then we cannot track your in game activities.

I am not sure if this is causing your score to be 0%, but it shows that my post on the 29th is indeed valid.

Please try and stay level headed when reporting or posting about a possible issue. Kicking and screaming will get you nowhere with us.

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