How to get tickets?

How exactly are the ways i can get tickets?

You get tickets by linking your wow accounts here on the site, then playing WoW.

In WoW the activities which award points include (but is not limited to)

  • Winning BG's
  • Winning Arena
  • Killing raid bosses
  • Killing dungeon bosses
  • Completing quests
  • Winning pet battles

I hope to come up with a more complete list in the near future.

When you are done playing WoW for the day, or for a session, log into the site, go to and press the check score button.

We will pull your stats from the WoW armory and award points based on your activities.

Once you have acucmulated 100 points, press the claim ticket button on the same page.

*Pleae note that if you accumulate more than 100 points, you will only be eligible for 1 ticket, so the more you check your score, the better.

Also, please read this thread for info on armory complications:

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