Aug 29th Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to Norlander on winning one of the following prizes!

  • Jewel of the Firelord Helmet
  • Blossoming Ancient Pet
  • Pandaren Monk Pet

Please claim your prize within 72 hours or a runner up may be chosen!

YAY grats!

Thanks to you guys, but it says that I already claimed the prize (but I didnt). How can I get my tiny little pet?

i think it might be a bit of confusion in the database after the transition

check again.

Indeed, thanks. Its the first raffle I win :D

D: sorry norlander!

Were you able to successfully claim your prize now?


could you post a pic of you & your pet? (answers the 'pic or it didn't happen' question)

It worked but it seems like I cant redeem the pet on my EU account unfortunately :) I can post pics of me trying to redeem the pet if it counts :P

Which pet did you choose? I know that some pets are not available in some regions so there may be a conflict there.

Also, what is the exact error message you are seeing from Blizzard? Will better help me understand what the underlying cause is.

Blossoming Ancient, uploading pics and sending them via PM. The code is unused but it keeps saying "An error occured" probably due to regional restrictions.

PM sent to Tiny.

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