Keyclone v1.9i (Paid Version)
I logged in today and got LICENSE HAS EXPIRED and when transfer is clicked it says to contact ?
I am also getting the same message (License has expired) and i have a paid version.

Can anyone help tell me what i need to do to get it working again...thanks!
Looks like there is maintenance going on.  I'm on the phone with them now to figure out how long this will take.

sorry for the inconvienance. 
should be back online now
I to am getting this error message :(
Receiving the same message now, June 21st.
My keyclone stopped working yesterday and gave this same message. Trying to transfer the license doesn't fix it, that just gives an error that the system ID is the same. Rechecking does no good either. I sent an email to Tiny last night but have not gotten a response yet.
looks like the server faceplanted. i'm working with the people @ the co-lo to get it resolved now.
Tiny, I think you should give customers an easy way to contact you other than a phone number. Many people do not like calling, they'd rather send an email. The email I sent to was sent back undelivered. If I hadn't of searched for you and found this site I would not have been able to get hold of you, and the only way I did so was to join and send a PM. That's a bit of a pain and many people won't bother, they will just get mad and stop buying your products.

Perhaps keyclone should have a error report button or something that links to an email address separate from the server. That way, when the servers go down you will get reports that something is wrong.

I also think keyclone should not ping for authentications once it is paid for if nothing in the compter system has changed. That puts customers at risk of shutdowns when the servers go down.
I'll take your number :)
Having an issue with license, first install in a few years and unable to transfer as I get an error.
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