Author Advertisement Pages Increased

We have expanded the number of pages which will display author advertisements from one to five.

Previously author advertisements were only shown on the final /download page for an addon. Author advertisements will now show on all pages associated with an addon.

Using Reagent Restocker as an example, the following pages will show advertisements for the Google Adsense account associated with the author:


Pages which display the advertisements for a specified author are also indicated by a message similar to the below message:

Advertisements on this page directly support %username%.

We will soon be expanding this to also include all forums and forum posts related to addons which are claimed and have associated advertising information.

Additional information on our profit sharing system can be found here, and general information about addon management here.

Thanks. That helps, but it appears as if the hold that Curse and WoW Interface has on the market is very strong. It will be very difficult to break into this market.

That said, I would like to make a suggestion, if you haven't already done so: Use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your website's popularity in search results and find potential issues. Also possibly Google AdWords or other advertising service to help get the word out. Nothing's guaranteed, but perhaps they will help.

Also, try to figure out what you can offer players. So far, what you're offering developers seems to be decent, but I'm sure players are asking "why use SolidICE over Curse or WoW Interface?"

Thanks CobraA1, we always appreciate your input and suggestions.

We do currently use the Google Webmaster Tools. It hasn't been our practice to pay for advertising, and prefer to let the products and services we create spread by word of mouth, but there is always room for improvement in our practices and policies.

We are pretty excited about the group finding tool we have been working on recently, and are confident it will bring a good number of returning and new users to the site, who will then hopefully make use of the other features of the site, at the benefit of the authors.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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