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Hi, Error log here for you :

6x oqueue-1.7.8\\oqueue_tooltips.lua:596: attempt to index field "?" (a boolean value)
oqueue-1.7.8\\oqueue_tooltips.lua:596: in function "gen_tooltip_set"
oqueue\\oqueue-1.7.8.lua:7340: in function "hint"
oqueue-1.7.8\\oqueue_ui_tools.lua:421: in function

item level bug as you can see here they who as XXX and you can see it is ticked
my only fix is /reload
hello all!
Greetings and hello all! I actually had a suggestion for something to consider adding into future patches for Oqueue. You've covered virtually every subject matter in WoW with Oqueue except for one. Roleplay. I run and work for a rather large and active community that ranges in a lot of interests including Roleplay and while I know it's not everyone's cup of tea it is a rather huge section of WoW that is being missed with this incredible Addon. I've actually been speaking to my community and others about starting to use Oqueue to locate and start up group Roleplays with various Roleplay servers as well as Roleplayers on non-RP based servers that are simply there for other reasons when not RPing. That being said, would you consider adding a Roleplay tab option in Oqueue in future patches? I would love to continue helping promote this wonderful addon and I know that a Roleplay tab option would definitely help spread the word and support for Oqueue. Thanks again for your time.
howdy Teagen.  i've added a subgroup for roleplay.  look for it in the next patch, later on today
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