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Hello there. Idk where to put this post to be more correct. Well, can you add a russian realms name for claiming characters? Cause, I known that US have same server called on english as mine, but tho I can't claim my char then, because 'system' will be looking it on us realm not on eu.
Here all russian realms sorted in alphabetical order: [removed poorly encoded russian letters].
Hope that my english not to broken for understand. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Oops with realms name on russian :S Well, you can get them from oqueue\region\realms.eu.lua at 416-427 and 431-438 strings. Nvm aboute order.

Edit 2: Find one of russian realm but on english. So when you choose 'local' does it mean that need find on eu not on us?
Sorry for the confusion Alex.

You should be ok to select your realm (in english) from the realms dropdown. Then select russia as your locale. Selecting russia as your locale will set it to EU.

If this does not work, please leave me a link to your characters armory and I will test the system with your characters information.
Thanks you for pointing me. Now...time to claim all mine chars ^_^
Hey all, it's Krotaegus! Keep up the great work!

just found out about Oqeueu, now I can do old hc raids with group

awesome addon

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