v2.0.5 Update group problem.

Hey dear guys . I am new in here.

Last night i find this addon i like this but many people have same problem . don't update currently group. Please tell me how we can fix this problem. Also can i get v2.0.3 ? And how ? Thanks

Also can i get v2.0.3

They do not rerelease old versions.

This is really bad . I need 2.0.3 or they have to quickly update new verison :/

Thanks for information

I'm not sure I even understand what your problem is. Are you saying it won't update how many people are in a raid (for example)?

my setup setting which must be click or unclick.. Many time i change and i forget.

For example i have 2 tank 2 healers 5 dps on my group

but people didn't see 2 tank 2 healers 5 dps people see 0 tank 0 healers and 1 or 2 dps only see me...

Can you understand ? Thanks for interest

Uh, I think I might understand but I will leave this to Tiny or Ron to troubleshoot lol. They might have a better idea what is going on.

for example he is have 1 healer 3 dps = 4 and + 1 ( yourself ) = 5 total

but when you got mouseover on him he have 12 players in own group.

And my problem same . I always update my group but didn't change tank , healer , dps numbers.

I think sometimes having people invited to the group who are not using OQ causes this problem, but don't quote me on it.

When i have 15 players or more still appear 0 tank 0 healer 1 dps ( 1 dps is me ) not more alway 0 tank 0 healer 1 dps or 2 dps not more..

Btw this not abaout not using oQ addons. Because when i have 15 players on my group at least 10 players using oQ but still appear 0 tank 0 healer 1 dps or 2 dps

Ya but were they invited via oq? I have had my guildy not show up even though he uses oq,

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