Tracking for raffles working ?

Yes it seems to be working now. I just got a ticket. Too bad with like 2-3 days gone I probably lost 30+ tickets. (I have a goal of reaching the 1,000 cap lol)

I just got in from LA @ like 3am this morning, so I hadn't had a chance to look into anything. If its working better now that indicates some kind of issue was present will and the Armory API. I'll still check out end our though to cover all bases.



FYI seems to be not working again. Stupid Bliz.

You appear to be receiving credit for boss kills now?


No no no, NOT working. The quests giving credit. Or lack thereof.

Which is was working, so maybe they are just tinkering around with something last min.

Oh -_- I totally misread that, woops!

Does it matter? It doesn't appear that there's even enough people participating for the raffles, so they're kinda defunct.

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